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Silver Shell Café - A Place to Indulge and Bond with your Little Ones

The interior

I have been to Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa many times for events and weddings but have never dined at any of the restaurants. Therefore, I was quite excited to try the weekend lunch buffet at Silver Shell Café  when my friend suggested going there. I must say I was quite impressed with the overall service and child-friendly facilities of the restaurant. Before our baby, André Aaron was born, my husband, Thomas and I make it a point to try new restaurants almost every week. We are pretty adventurous with food and are always on the hunt for restaurants with nice ambience and tasty food. However, since the birth of André Aaron, dining out becomes a complicated affair. We have to look for restaurants that are family-friendly and not too crowded or noisy. 

Silver Shell Café is a casual international buffet restaurant located on level three of Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa and is part of Dine on 3, a collective of three restaurants and a bar. The restaurant is spacious, airy and has a resort-like ambience.

The alfresco  area

There is also an alfresco area for diners who want to enjoy the gentle breeze and the tropical feel. We chose to sit indoors as the weather was hot and humid that day.

Kid's zone

What caught my attention was the exclusive Kid’s Zone which features a medley of delightful treats to woo the palates of your little ones such as salads, nuggets, fried rice, pastas and cheese baked beef stew

Baby zone

There is also a dedicated baby zone which offers complimentary baby food, organic pear and carrot juice, bottle sterilisers, hot water, a microwave and baby cutlery, making the dining experience hassle-free for families with babies. Being a first-time mum, I forgot to bring the milk bottle for my baby and I was so relieved when I managed to get one from the souvenir shop located at level five of the hotel. The restaurant staff were very helpful and one even helped me to wash and sterilise my milk bottle.

The centre island features an enticing array of appetisers such as fresh prawns, herb potato salad, Thai papaya salad, chickpea salad, trio mushroom salad and assorted sushi.

Fresh prawns

Assorted cheeses

There is also a cheese section with a selection of cheeses for your indulgence.

Indian station

My favourite station is the Indian station which has an interesting ensemble of popular favourites such as naan, dhal curry, butter chicken, pulao rice (spicy rice dish prepared using different vegetables and spices) and vegetable khorma. I also like the different sauces and condiments such as mango chutney, mint chutney, pickles and raita.

Meat lovers will be thrilled by the barbecue meat station which offers roast duck, pork and chicken (on a rotational basis).

Chef preparing laksa at the noodle station

You can’t leave the buffet without trying the restaurant’s signature laksa, which is a bowl of comforting flavours. The gravy is rich, creamy and delicious, delivering heartiness in every mouthful. You can have a choice of thin or thick vermicelli or egg noodles.

Tempting chocolate clafouti

A meal is not complete without desserts. End your meal with a selection of spellbinding desserts such as chocolate clafouti, kueh lapis, carrot cake, cheesecake, lemon tart, strawberry shortcake, tiramisu, nutella, blueberry and white chocolate and yuzu mousse.

Strawberry short cake

Kueh lapis

Tiramisu, nutella, blueberry and white chocolate and yuzu mousse

Overall, Silver Shell Café is a fantastic place to bond with your family and indulge in good food. The spread is not extensive but the items are very fresh and tasty. Service is prompt and efficient making the dining experience very pleasurable.

Silver Shell Cafe is located at Sentosa, 101 Siloso Road, Dine on 3, Level 3. The buffet is priced at $48++ per person. Child below the age of five dines free when accompanied by a paying adult. Child aged six to eleven enjoys 50% off adult price.

For reservations, please call 6371 1966.

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