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Signature Dashi Shabu at Dashi Master Marusaya

Signature Dashi Shabu

Located along Robertson Quay, Dashi Master Marusaya is the flagship restaurant under the Marusaya Group, a wholesaler specialising in Katsuobushi (dried bonito) for professional use. Founded in 1962, the group has a rich heritage and is committed to authenticity since its inception. Katsuobushi or dried, fermented and smoked smoked skipjack tuna plays a vital role in the Japanese “umami culture” which has been kept since ancient times (Japanese word “umami” means pleasant savoury taste). Marusaya is also renowned for its dashi (Japanese soup stock), the backbone of many Japanese dishes. The group’s dashi is 100% natural and does not contain MSG or artificial seasoning. At Dashi Master Marusaya, katsuobushi and dashi feature prominently in most of their creations.

The ambience of the restaurant is relaxed and inviting with warm yellow lights and wooden furniture and I feel as though I have stepped into a restaurant in Japan the minute I enter. The restaurant can seat up to 90 diners (restaurant interior: 48, exterior: 42) and is the ideal venue for a cosy Shabu Shabu dining experience with your loved ones.

Delightful Assortment of Appetisers
Taberu Katsuobushi (Half Dried Bonito Fish Jerky)

I started my meal with the Taberu Katsuobushi (half dried bonito fish jerky – S$15++). Resembling pieces of shaved wood, it is savoury and chewy and goes well with beer or sake.

Ohitashi (Blanched Spinach with Dashi Sauce)

Next, I tried the Ohitashi (blanched spinach with dashi sauce – S$9++), a nice cold appetiser comprising spinach and cherry tomatoes in a delightful dashi sauce topped with freshly grated bonito flakes. It has an interesting mix of earthy and zesty flavours and helped to whet my appetite before the main meal.

Agedashi Tofu

My favourite appetiser is the Agedashi Tofu (S$12++) consisting of deep-fried tofu with signature dashi sauce topped with Katsuobushi. The texture of the tofu is light and melted instantly in my mouth. The combination of the dashi, tofu and katusuobushi is perfect and flavours are well-balanced.

Comforting Dashi Oden

The Dashi Oden (S$20++) appealed to my taste buds with its comforting broth and simple, yet delectable ingredients including the flavourful chicken meatballs, soft, juicy daikon (radish), delightful konjac (yam) and bouncy chikuwa (Japanese fish cake). The different elements combine together magically to create a wondrous burst of flavours and textures.

A4 Wagyu Beef and Hokkaido Pork

The Dashi Shabu is the main highlight of the dinner. You can choose to enjoy it with the A5 Wagyu Beef at S$108++ per person, A4 Wagyu Beef at S$68++ per person, Hokkaido Pork at S$48++ per person and Homemade Chicken Meat Balls at S$38++ per person.

Shredded Vegetables in Tantalising Dashi Broth

To sweeten the broth, eight types of shredded vegetables are added including Chinese cabbage, carrot, kale, tang oh, leak, shimeji, shiitake and myoga (Japanese ginger). Accompany your meats with condiments such as leek and garlic, yuzu pepper and white radish with chilli powder and spring onion with a choice of sesame or ponzu sauce.

Smooth, Silky Udon

You can have a choice of fresh, homemade Udon or Porridge to complete your Dashi Shabu experience. The udon is smooth and silky and goes well with the dashi broth.

I would recommend going for the porridge option as you can not only witness watching the server cooking the rice and egg in the dashi broth, you can also savour the wholesome goodness of rich, flavourful porridge garnished with spring onion and seaweed. Every mouthful will leave you yearning for more.

Flavourful Porridge in Dashi Broth
Lovely Matcha, Black Sesame and Vanilla Ice Cream

Dessert is a simple affair with either Matcha, Black Sesame or Vanilla (S$6++) ice cream. The matcha has a clean, refreshing flavour, the black sesame has a sweet, nutty taste while the vanilla is smooth and creamy.

Enjoying Dashi Shabu at Dashi Master Marusaya

Dashi Master Marusaya is located at 86 Robertson Quay, #01-01, Robertson Blue, Singapore 238245.

The restaurant is open from 5pm to 11.30pm (last order 11pm) on Mondays to Fridays and from 12pm to 11.30pm (last order 11pm) on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and public holidays.

For reservations, please call 6732 0383 or email

For more information, please visit their website.


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