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Relax, Dine and Smell the Roses at The Rose Veranda Shangri-la.

Peace and solitude at The Rose Veranda

The Rose Veranda at The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is a place which brings back lots of fond memories. The Rose Veranda – a name synonymous to delectable pastries and afternoon tea, is an oasis of serenity. It is ideal for a  tête-à- tête with friends or a relaxing afternoon with your family.

Entrance of The Rose Veranda

The Rose Veranda has been a popular venue for high tea since it opened its doors in 1991. After the renovation in 2010, the refurbished lounge offers an elegant, contemporary look and enhanced dining options, cementing its reputation as the preferred venue for a relaxing afternoon tea. The Rose Veranda is located on the Mezzanine floor above the spacious lobby court.

Rose-themed napkin and Chinaware

Dining at the Rose Veranda is an indulgent experience. Everything is rose-themed at the extravagant lounge, from the chinaware to the beautiful napkin, delicately embroidered with a tiny rose bud. Lovely red roses adorn every corner of the lounge, adding a touch of romance to the overall ambience. The glass windows shower the lounge with tropical light, through which one can view the garden and the lush greenery.

The charming interior

Service is superb, making guests feel like royalty the moment they step into the premise. The waitresses are clad in peach-coloured cheongsam and are amicable and attentive, exuding Asian grace, charm and hospitality. I dined at Rose Veranda twice recently, once in end October and another time yesterday. Both visits were pleasant and I truly enjoyed the experience.

The enticing appetisers

The lunch and high tea buffet are quite similar with a selection of Western and local favourites and an array of heavenly desserts. The buffet is not very extensive, however most of the items are reasonably good.  I enjoyed the butter chicken, deep-fried prawn with crispy oat and almonds and smoked salmon roulade.

Deep-fried prawns with crispy oat and almonds

There is also a variety of appetising salad dishes such as Mediterranean pasta salad, cobb salad, casesar salad, German potato salad with turkey bacon bits and mixed tomatoes with balsamic salad.

Shrimp and dill mayo and pumpkin seed roll with roasted beef and grilled capsicum

For something more substantial, go for the shrimp and dill mayo, pumpkin seed roll with roasted beef and grilled capsicum, spinach quiche or assorted sandwiches. 

Assorted breads

An array of cheeses

You can also indulge in a selection of breads and cheeses such as brie, red cheddar, camembert, edame, port salut and more.

Assorted Sushi

There is a Japanese corner offering freshly rolled sushi and sashimi. Meat aficionados can look forward to succulent meats at the carving station which features a different type of meat daily. During the buffet, the watiresses will go round the different tables offering lime sorbets for diners to cleanse their palates.

Carving station

Irresistible tiramisu and gluten free vanilla creme brulee

Cream cheese brownies

The desserts are the main highlight of the buffet. They are elegantly displayed with special emphasis on the dainty pastries and cakes. Be awed by the tempting chocolate financier, creamy tiramisu, delightful chocolate cremeux, gluten free vanilla creme brulee, cream cheese brownies, raspberry flavoured cremeux, cherry truffle, luscious scones with cream and jam and the awesome chocolate fondue with fresh fruits. 

Cherry truffle

Decadent chocolate fondue with fresh fruits

The Rose Veranda is also renowned for its massive selection of teas. There are a total of 164 teas for you to choose from. If you are not sure what to select, you can try the vanilla bourbon tea, a theine-free red tea from South Africa blended with sweet vanilla or the imperial rose, a extraordinary creation of the most unique white tea handcrafted into a precious bouquet of roses.

 Chocolate cremeux, raspberry flavoured cremeux, tiramisu accompanied with a cup of vanilla bourbon tea

Overall, The Rose Veranda is a wonderful place to relax, unwind and to smell the roses. Warm service, serene setting and tantalising food make the dining experience an unforgettable one.

For reservations, call (65) 6213 4486. 

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