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Recipe - Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Chocolate Ice Cream is one of my favourite desserts and it tastes great with fresh fruits, chocolate chips and other condiments.


Whipping Cream or Double Cream - 400g

Condensed Milk - 130g

Cocoa Powder - 60g


  1. Pour the Whipping Cream or Double Cream into a bowl.

  2. Whisk the Whipping Cream.

  3. Next, Pour the Condensed Milk into the mixture.

  4. Add the Cocoa Powder into the mixture.

  5. Mix till it is smooth and creamy.

  6. Use a hand mixer to achieve a creamier consistency.

  7. Pour the mixture into a baking tin.

  8. Cover the baking tin with a cling wrap and freeze for 6 hours.

  9. Remove the baking tin from the freezer.

  10. Scoop the Chocolate Ice Cream into a bowl and garnish with Fresh Fruits, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Rice or condiments of your choice.

  11. Chocolate Ice Cream is ready to be served.

Have fun making Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream!


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