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Oso Grillery - Fantastic Grill Restaurant at Bukit Pasoh


Exclusive private section of the restaurant

Oso Grillery is the grill section of Oso Ristorante Restaurant, a renowned Italian restaurant located in a 4-storey 17, 100 square feet conservation heritage mansion. Accommodating up to 80 diners, this grillery specialises in premium and sustainable meats and seafood cooked in an oakwood oven and grill. 

I have dined at Oso Ristorante a few years ago and I was pretty impressed with the food and ambience. What makes the grillery different is that the restaurant’s setting is casual and inviting. The food is flavourful and unpretentious, satiating the appetites of even discerning gourmands.


Sally and me

My friends organised a post birthday gathering for Sally and myself yesterday and we were very pleased with the food and the service quality.


Creamy and delicious ravioli

We commenced our meal with the ravioli ($24) which was generously filled with veal, cheese fondue and drizzled with creamy mushroom sauce. A simple creation which is hearty and satisfying.


Polpo (roasted octopus with cherry tomato, lemon zest and chives)

The polpo (roasted octopus with cherry tomato, lemon zest and chives -$35) was perfectly grilled, with a firm texture. The sweetness of the octopus was coupled with light hints of smokiness.


Beef tomahawk

The main highlight of the meal was the 1.2kg 100 days grain-fed beef tomahawk ($188) which was grilled till it was crisp on the outside with a juicy interior.


The succulent beef tomahawk


The lovely accompaniments - ratte potates and broccoli

It was accompanied with baby ratte potates and broccoli. Every bite was a burst of wondrous flavours.


Panna cotta

Desserts were excellent too, visually arresting and delightful to the taste buds. The panna cotta ($14), a classic dessert from Piedmont region was superbly executed. It had a ‘just set’ consistency, slightly wobbly but still relatively firm in texture.


Tiramisu with Happy Birthday Message in Italian

The tiramisu ($14) is an all-time favourite with a decadent mascarpone cheese texture and lady fingers steeped in espresso and dusted with cocoa powder at the top.


D' Aranchio

What I enjoyed the most was the D’Aranchio ($14), a white chocolate and orange Grand Marnier cake. It was very refreshing with gentle hints of orange zest and small bits of almond.


Yummy tiramisu

Oso Grillery is the grill section of Oso Ristorante which has an elegant yet relaxed setting. The grilled items are the main highlights and are perfect for those who enjoy meats and seafood of premium quality.

The restaurant is open for lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm from Mondays to Fridays and 6pm till late on Mondays to Saturdays. 

For reservations, please call 63278378 or visit here.


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