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Lola's Cafe - Delightful Food at Affordable Prices


Lola’s Café needs little introduction. This cosy café, located at Simon Road (opposite Kovan MRT) has been drawing crowds since it opened about four years ago. You have to wait at least half an hour to forty minutes before you can get a seat. The excellent food, welcoming ambience, warm service and affordable prices make Lola’s café a popular hangout place for youngsters and residents who live in the vicinity. This popular café was started by Foo Choo Kiat and June Tan, a couple who met in university and their relationship blossomed as they shared the love for cooking and baking. They bonded through late-night cookouts during their exchange programme in The Netherlands when they were Singapore Management University (SMU)’s undergraduates.

The couple’s passion is vividly reflected in Lola's carefully curated menu which consists of European fare with a mix of American, British, French and Italian influences. The menu offers brunch favourites from 10am to 3pm and a dinner menu from 6pm to 11pm. Every dish is adroitly crafted, resulting in a delightful combination of flavours, textures and presentation. 

I have been to Lola’s café twice, once in early August last year and another time just yesterday when I caught up with an ex colleague. The food impressed me on both occasions. 


Avocado eggs benedict

For brunch, I highly recommend the avocado eggs benedict ($14). It is a visual treat for the senses, with the avocado nicely drizzled on the red and white plate, topped with brioche, pork ham, poached eggs and lastly mesclun salad with lemon dressing. The flavours are well balanced with the egg yolk oozing out when you cut. The combination of the savoury ham, runny egg, fluffy brioche egg and creamy avocado work very well together, making every mouthful a hearty burst of flavours.


Smoked pulled pork sanger

Another brunch favourite which deserves mention is the smoked pulled pork sanger ($15) which consists of 6 hour smoked pulled pork with homemade barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, purple slaw sandwiched between brioche bread and accompanied with crispy fries. The smoky flavours are neutralised by the sweet, tangy flavours of the purple slaw (purple cabbage) and rich cheddar cheese. 


Truffle fries

For sides, go for the truffle fries ($12) which are fried to perfection, accented with hints of truffle oil and topped with grated parmesan cheese. The fries are a tad dry, the good thing is that I feel less guilty eating them.


Confit of duck leg with mustard sauce

If you are heading to Lola's Café for dinner, opt for the confit of duck leg with mustard sauce ($17). It is skilfully executed and the skin is crispy while the flesh is succulent and juicy. The delicious duck leg is served on a bed of silky mashed potatoes and honey mustard sauce and topped with arugula salad. 


Bacon and mushroom truffle cream pasta

If you like pasta, the bacon and mushroom truffle cream pasta ($15) is not a bad choice too. It is prepared with a cheese and cream sauce and embellished with aromatic truffle oil. 


Lola's chocolate cake

Desserts are delish too. If you are a chocoholic, you must not miss Lola's chocolate cake ($7) - a sinfully divine creation prepared with cocoa sponge, chocolate cream, hazelnut feuilletine and toasted meringue. The café has also recently introduced plated desserts. 


Odd fellow 7

I tried the odd fellow 7 ($7) - a unique and refreshing creation with passionfruit curd, basil ice cream, cereals crumbs and meringue. The presentation is pretty and the different textures and flavours are coaxed  into a harmonious symphony.

Overall, Lola’s Café is a fantastic place to chill out with your friends over brunch, tea or dinner. Food is tasty and prices are affordable too with most of the mains priced below $15 nett.

Lola’s Café is located at 5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893. For enquiries, please call 6284 0349. They don't accept reservations on weekends and public holidays.

For more information, please visit here.


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