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IO Italian Osteria Provides A One-Stop Italian Dining Experience


Enjoying traditional Roman schiacciata

I have always been an avid fan of Etna Italian restaurant’s rustic and wholesome Italian cuisine. Therefore, I was thrilled when co-owners Gianluca Impemba and Anna Borrasi (who is also Group Executive Chef) decided to open a new outlet – IO Italian Osteria at HillV2.

Bringing the true concept of Italian conviviality to town, IO Italian Osteria paves the way for a cool, relaxed and affordable dining experience.


The open kitchen

From the open kitchen, the adept culinary team prepares the menu from scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients. The menu showcases an interesting assembly of breads and pizzas, small bites of authentic Italian street food, antipasti, assorted cheeses, pastas, main courses and desserts. You can also look forward to daily Chef’s Specials featured on the board above the open kitchen. There is also a selection of Italian cocktails, beers and wines. Although the menu is not very extensive, the taste is original, flavourful and memorable and can’t be replicated in other restaurants.


The retail corner

The ambience is inviting and warm and the restaurant is relatively spacious. There is also a retail corner where Italian produce and ingredients are sold.


Handmade raviolacci, meat filling

What I love most about the restaurant is the unique medley of tasty pastas. My favourite is the handmade raviolacci, meat filling ($18). Each morsel is generously filled with succulent minced beef, retaining a winsome bite, bolstered by the rich, delicious sauce prepared using cream and Marsala (sweet Italian wine).


Homemade maltagliati, fresh sardine, pine nuts and dill

Another pasta which I enjoyed was the Chef’s Special for the day -homemade maltagliati, fresh sardine, pine nuts and dill ($27). This is a typical Sicilian recipe which is tantalising without being overwhelming on the palate. It is light and is a refreshing combination of sweet and tangy flavours. The dill and raisins give the pasta soft, citrusy hints, resulting in a lovely blend of textures and tastes.


The risotto, carnaroli, Taleggio, Chianti wine reduction ($28) – a traditional Roman recipe was another favourite dish. The risotto was supple and fluid with a creamy consistency. The addition of walnuts give the risotto a crunchy texture.


 Traditional Roman schiacciata

The traditional Roman schiacciata ($15) is a must-try, the combination of truffle and ricotta cheese spread with the freshly baked bread is amazing and helps to whet your appetite before the mains.


Spicy roasted farm chicken “Alla Diavola”

For the main course, the signature dish is the spicy roasted farm chicken “Alla Diavola” ($22). The tender, juicy half chicken lying on a bed of perfectly grilled peppers makes your taste buds tingle with satisfaction.


Chocolate lava cake with espresso ice cream

As desserts are a quintessential part of the dining experience, you have to try the chocolate lava cake with espresso ice cream ($12). It is a pretty masterpiece embellished with strawberries and blueberries. The chocolate lava cake is filled with a rich, warm, moist dark chocolate ganache, fulfilling every chocoholic’s dream. When accompanied with espresso ice cream, it is simply heavenly.


Tiramisu in a jar

The tiramisu in a jar ($9) is another crowd pleaser, although I found it a little too creamy. However, IO Italian Osteria’s tiramisu is made without eggs, therefore, it is thought to be healthier than most tiramisu served at other Italian restaurants.


The interior

Overall, the dining experience at IO Italian Osteria was pleasant and the restaurant provides a congenial setting for a casual gathering with your loved ones.


The entrance

IO Italian Osteria is located at 4 Hillview Rise, #02-01, HillV2, Singapore 669320. 

For reservations, please call 6710 7150.


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