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Hearty British Cuisine with a Contemporary Twist at The English House

The cosy interior

The English House is Celebrity Chef, Marco Pierre White's first foray into Asia. Dubbed the first Celebrity Chef and the youngest Chef ever to be awarded the coveted three Michelin stars, he has trained notable chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Mario Batali, Curtis Stone and Shannon Bennett.

The exterior

Entering The English House transports me to a colonial home with lush foliage on the outside and a cosy interior combining an eclectic blend of classic English designs and Straits Chinese architecture. The iconic building occupying two shophouse units houses a restaurant and an 18-room hotel slated to open this year. One of the shophouses used to be occupied by Madam Wong, a popular nightclub in the 1990s.

London underground lavatory signs

The ambience evokes a sense of nostalgia, making me feel as though I have stepped back in time, where candles were used instead of lights. The décor has a British vibe, although some Chinese elements were retained such as the Chinese calligraphy and signage high up on the walls.

Traditional English toy vehicles

The distinctive British components include the cotswold stone flooring, British wooden reception bar, English memorabilia including the London underground lavatory signs, English toy vehicles and British style stone murals and sculptures.

Stunning showcase of Terry O’Neill's works

Adorning the walls are works of renowned British photographer, Terry O’Neill and framed cartoons by Raymond “Jak” Jackson, one of Marco’s favourite cartoonists.

Kopitiam-style tables and chairs

The kopitiam-style tables and chairs were inspired by Marco’s favourite Chicken Rice stall located at Purvis Street.

Private dining room

The English House consists of three sections, namely the dining area, Gin Bar and a private dining room featuring a dining table from the Roll Royce Boardroom in the 1940s.

Bisque de Crab

Food is British with a contemporary twist. Main course portions are hearty and suitable for at least two diners. The all-time favourite, Bisque de Crab (S$30) is a rich, flavourful and creamy soup painstakingly made with crab shells and served with Sourdough Croutons. Every mouthful is satisfying to the senses and comforting to the soul.

Fillet of Sardines on Toast

The Fillets of Sardines on Toast (S$26) accompanied with Vinaigrette of Tomatoes is very appetising, with a lovely mix of tangy and savoury flavours.

Salad of Beetroot and Goat Cheese

For something healthy, I would recommend the Salad of Beetroot and Goat Cheese (S$24). The beetroots are thinly sliced and served with Goat Cheese. The intense flavour is neutralised by the sweetness of the Candied Walnut Dressing.

Fried Fillet of English Wild Turbot

The Fried Fillet of English Wild Turbot (S$98) is probably the most delicious fish and chips I have ever had. Served with Gros Sel, Tartare Sauce, Marrow Fat Peas and Beef Fat Chips, the batter is deep-fried to a light crispy texture. When you sink your teeth into the fish, you’ll be bowled over by the firm, delectable taste.

Centre Cut Fillet Steak au Poivre

The Centre Cut Fillet Steak au Poivre (S$65) is another British classic. The steak is well-executed with a Pepperporn Crust and served with Poivre Sauce, Young Spinach and Beef Fat Chips. Flavours are perfectly balanced and beef is succulent. The chips are so devilishly divine that one can’t help craving for more.

Mr Lamb's Shepherd's Pie

A British meal is never complete without the quintessential Shepherd’s pie. A comforting classic, Mr Lamb’s Shepherd’s pie (S$40) is Marco’s rendition of the beloved British dish. Inspired by Mr Lamb, a kitchen porter, who had previously worked for Marco, it is absolutely delightful. A flavourful gravy of ground beef and carrots, topped with creamy mash baked to gold perfection, it is the ultimate comfort food which brings a smile to almost everyone.

Falling in love with The Box Tree Eton Mess

The Box Tree Eton Mess (S$22) which comprises of strawberries, raspberries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream is prettily assembled and ideal for anyone who loves berries. It helps to refresh the palate, providing a splendid conclusion to a hearty meal.

Mr White's Tiramisu (S$22) is an alternative for diners who prefer something less sweet. A decadent dessert made of ladyfingers dipped in espresso coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg, sugar and mascarpone cheese and dusted with cocoa powder, it is ideal for those who have a soft spot for coffee-flavoured desserts.

The English House is a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy hearty British comfort food with your loved ones. Prices may be a little steep, however, you can be assured of premium quality ingredients and generous portions.

The English House is located at 28 Mohamed, Sultan Road, Singapore 238972. For enquiries and reservations, please call 6545 4055 or email

For more information, please visit their website here.


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