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Delightful Food at PS. Cafe Petit


The interior

PS. Café had its humble beginnings as a little café within an apparel store way back in 1999. The menu was quite limited and didn’t leave much of an impression, however, the double chocolate blackout cake had me completely smitten. The chic, stylish café has since expanded and has branches at Harding Road, Palais Renaissance, Ann Siang Hill Park, with additions of the latest concepts PS. Café Petit and Chop Suey Café.

PS.Café Petit is a gourmet retail and takeaway concept that offers fast food such as hearty salads, burgers and pizzas prepared with slow food sensibility while Chop Suey Café offers a selection of Chinese favourites and new interpretations of Chinese classics influenced by the Anglo-Chinese experience in the UK, US and Australia.

Over the years, PS. Cafe has established itself as a homegrown brand famed for its tantalising classics, appetising truffle shoestring fries and indulgent desserts.


With my colleagues

I like the branch at Dempsey for its rustic ambience and the one in Paragon as it is conveniently located. I went to PS. Café Petit at Martin Road recently to celebrate my birthday with my colleagues a week ago and was generally impressed with the menu.

With a seating capacity of about 60 to 70 indoors and outdoors, the menu is pretty extensive with a range of soups, healthy salads, pastas, burgers, paninis, pizzas and house favourites such as vegetarian moussaka, fish and chips, ugly fried chicken, sticky BBQ ribs, Nanna’s lasagna and PS steak sandwich.


Vegetarian moussaka

The vegetarian moussaka was tasty and the main ingredients included pumpkin, capsicum, celeriac, spinach, mozzarella and smokey tomato ham. It is perfect for those who want a lighter version of the moussaka. The original moussaka which was offered at the Harding Road branch is extremely rich and generously filled with ground veal, bacon, fresh herbs and spices cooked in a robust tomato sauce, layered with fire roasted eggplant and glazed with ricotta mornay.


Fish and chips

The fish and chips was fried in a beer batter and served with shoestring fries and dill pickle aioli. The deep-fried red snapper fillets were delicious, however the fries were a little bland.


Shrimp, crab and crumb spaghettini

The shrimp, crab and crumb spaghettini was quite interesting. The pasta brimmed with pickled blueswimmer crab, tiger prawns, spinach and chilli oil. The breaded garlic crumbs give it a unique texture and taste, a little like aglio olio packed with a blend of spice and crunch.


The winter salami magherita pizza with tomato, mangalista salami, mozzarella, scamorzina and cheddar cheeses was delicious and the crust was also light and crispy. However, I found it a tad too oily.


The café offers a delightful selection of cakes, available on a rotational basis. The chocolate nut doorstop which consisted of layers of chocolate, caramel and mixed nuts was devilishly decadent and was a unique mix of sweet, crunchy and creamy flavours all in one mouthful.

P.S Café Petit is an ideal place for a quick lunch, relaxing afternoon tea or just to chill out on a lazy afternoon. 

It is located at 38A Martin Road, Singapore 239072. The café is open for breakfast on weekdays from 8am to 11am and on weekends from 8am to 4pm. It is open for lunch and dinner from 11am to 10.30pm daily.


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