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A Mesmerising Spanish Experience at FOC


The interior

FOC, which means FIRE in Catalan (the language spoken in Barcelona) is a trendy restaurant offering hearty Spanish tapas in a vibrant environment.

The one year old restaurant is a collaboration between Michelin-starred Chef, Nandu Jubany, Chef Jordi Noguera and award-winning mixologist Dario Knox.

True to Spanish culture, the setting is warm, friendly and inviting and you’ll be dazzled by the interactive open kitchen and charming cocktail bar. What really caught my attention were the big heads called “Capgros” commonly used as burlesque mask in street. They were used as lamps to add a fun element to the restaurant.

The menu features seasonal Catalan dishes impeccably crafted with a modern touch. Every dish is visually arresting and expertly executed and you can taste pure passion and heartiness in every creation.


Patatas bravas FOC style

The patatas bravas FOC style ($8) is my favourite item on the menu. The potatoes are carefully sliced, deep-fried to perfection and topped with a spicy sauce and garlic aioli. The crispness of the potatoes coupled with the creamy and fiery flavours bring out a very unique sensation to the palate.


Iberico ham "joselito"

The thinly sliced iberico ham "joselito" ($30) is flavourful with a rich, intense flavour, oozing satisfaction in every bite.


Prawns in "ajillo" sauce

The prawns in “ajillo” (garlic and white wine) sauce ($20) are very tasty too. They are fresh with the flavours of the Mediterranean sea.


Grilled scallops with soya caviar and bonito stock

The grilled scallops ($16) are sweet and succulent and the flavours are embellished with the soya caviar and bonito stock. A simple dish which is marvellously prepared.


Octopus Galician style

Another winning creation is the octopus Galician style ($22) –slow cooked and charcoal grilled. The juicy octopus is enhanced with paprika and served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, oozing smoky and sweet flavours at the same time.


Open tortilla with peppers and truffle

The open tortilla ($26) tastes heavenly although it is different from what I expected. Spanish tortilla usually consists of egg omelette with potatoes but FOC’s version is a little unique with the perfect balance of sweet peppers, iberico ham and eggy pancake.


The tortilla after it's rolled

 It is served in a large pan which it is cooked in and the chef then adroitly rolls it up for us to savour.


Grilled "chuleton" beef steak with garnish

The grilled “chuleton” beef steak with garnish ($35 for 150g) is a must-try for diners have who have a soft spot for beef.  It is flawlessly grilled, emitting a smokey flavour. The meat is also succulent with a melt-in-your mouth consistency.


Black Mediterranean squid ink paella

If you have a bigger appetite, opt for the black Mediterranean squid ink paella ($24) which brims with shrimps and clams. It is smooth, flavourful and has a pleasantly charred taste.


Lovely desserts

Desserts are spectacular too. I am completely smitten by the  Spanish “French Toast” with vanilla ice cream ($10). The toast is crispy and delectable and with vanilla ice cream, it is simply divine. The lemon cake ($12) which resembled a tart is  refreshing with light citrus notes. The creama catalana FOC style is the Spanish version of the French dessert, crème brulée, It is light, creamy and fluffy but I somehow prefer the French version.

The magnum ice cream cheesecake ($10) is very unique with a luscious creamy block of cheese-flavoured ice cream coated in a crispy white chocolate shell and topped with fresh raspberries.


To elevate your dining experience, you may want to try their signature cocktails and mocktails such as sherry manhattan#2 ($21), Japanese old fashioned ($22), Churchill old fashioned ($22), Singapore spring ($9.50) and more.  


Celebrating a friend's birthday

Overall, FOC is a fantastic place to chill out and enjoy good tapas with friends. It is located at 40 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059679. For reservations, please call 6100 4040 or email

Alternatively, please visit here.


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