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Zumba – A fun, sexy way to workout!


Participants having fun at the Zumba Masterclass.

Exhilarating, Exciting and Effective. These are the three words that best define Zumba. I was invited to attend a Zumba Masterclass a couple of days ago by Zumba Education Specialist, David Velez and I was enthralled by this energetic fitness class that creatively combined aerobics and dance elements. The 90-minute class was packed with energy, action and sexy dance moves that it kept me spellbound and engaged from the beginning till the end.


David demonstrating his moves.

David's choreography incorporates hip hop, salsa, merengue, samba, mambo and martial arts. The music and some of the steps were familiar as I took up salsa, samba and merengue about seven years ago. However, what makes Zumba different is that it is not just a dance, it combines fitness, music, dance and entertainment all in one. It is uninhibited, engaging and interactive and it helps you to lose weight in a fun way. Zumba is very much a social activity, music is the key ingredient to help people get into the mood and to spur them on.


Participants grooving to the beat of the music.

According to David, Zumba means different things to different people. For some, it is an intensive workout, while for others it is a party (a platform for people to mingle, exercise and make new friends). Zumba also makes one more confident and self-assured. Born in Columbia, this muscular and fit instructor has been practising Zumba for over two decades. He is currently Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) for Southeast Asia and China and has been a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and modern dancer for over a decade. David is also a Master Trainer for Spinning and BOSU.  In addition, he is an international presenter running workshops and Master classes in fitness conventions around the world such as Spain, Mexico, Cayman Island, Bermuda, Columbia, Florida, Australia, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Ecuador and England. David’s innovative, stimulating, interactive and high energy classes leave one craving for more. He is also personable and unassuming and will not hesitate to offer tips to his students.  


Instructor David Velez and me

The 42 year old instructor looks 10 years younger than his age and attributes his youthful looks and vitality to a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol and lots of Zumba.

What are you waiting for? Log on to to find out more about David Velez’s Zumba classes for aspiring instructors or for people who simply want to burn calories in a fun way.


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