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Wholesome Italian Cuisine Prepared with Passion at Involtini


A cosy Italian restaurant housed within L Square in Causeway Bay, Involtini impresses with fine Italian cuisine prepared with passion and finesse. Helmed by local chef, Jack Law, the restaurant specialises in pastas and wholesome Italian favourites.


The interior

With 14 years of culinary under his belt, Chef Law has honed his skills in Otto E Mezza Bombana and Ciak in the Kitchen. During his time in the restaurants, they were awarded 3 and 1 Michelin star(s) respectively.

Using fresh and premium ingredients shipped from Italy, the affable chef believes innovation and passion are vital ingredients in a good dish.

I was happy to be given the opportunity to try the Autumn Tasting Menu which comprised six flavourful and creative dishes. Every creation was crafted to perfection, showcasing Chef Law’s dedication and attention to detail.


Octopus terrine with quinoa salad and balsamic reduction

The octopus terrine with quinoa salad and balsamic reduction started my meal on a refreshing note. The sweet succulence of the octopus coupled with the tanginess of the quinoa salad and the intensity of the balsamic reduction brought about a lovely explosion of flavours in every bite.


The Hokkaido scallop with clam soup was prepared with scallop, olive oil and white wine. Tasty and refreshing, it is the ideal soup for the cool autumn season.


Ravioli stuffed with mortadella and minced guinea fowl

I love the ravioli which was stuffed with mortadella and minced guinea fowl and topped with deep-fried guanciale (cured pork cheek) for a richer flavour. Every morsel was delightful and perfectly balanced in flavours.


Homemade tagliolini with king prawn and bottarga

The main highlight of the menu was the homemade tagliolini with king prawn and bottarga (cured fish role). The sauce was meticulously prepared with seven different types of fresh seafood such as prawn, clams, fish and more and the bottarga was added to enhance the flavour and give it a crunchy texture. The al dente pasta was also rolled and twisted into twirls before it was served, giving an elegant touch to the dish.


Pan-fried signature mayura wagyu M9 beef rump flap

For the mains, you can choose either the slow cooked pigeon breast and fried pigeon leg with beetroot cherry purée or pan-fried signature mayura wagyu M9 beef rump flap. I had the wagyu beef rump which was succulent and flavourful. The carrot purée and pesto mashed potato also complemented the beef well.


Sicilian lemon tart

The Sicilian lemon tart, a lovely dessert with citrus accents held to refresh my palate, providing a splendid conclusion to a fabulous meal.


Review of the Sicilian lemon tart


Chef Law at the bar area

The 6-course Autumn Tasting Menu is priced at HK $568 per person. Involtini is located at11F, The L. Square 459 – 461 Lockhart Rd, Causeway Bay. For enquiries, please call +852 2658 2128.

Alternatively, please visit here.


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