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Tempt your Palate with Alkaff Mansion Ristorante's Italian Gourmet Buffet Dinner


The interior

Alkaff mansion Ristorante is one of the most beautiful, historic and romantic restaurants in Singapore. Sitting atop Telok Blangah Hill, the restaurant had its early beginnings as a two-storey Tudor styled bungalow built in 1918 by a member of the prominent Alkaff family consisting of Arabs who arrived from Yemen in 1852 and ran a thriving business in sugar, coffee and spices between India and Indonesia. It was a popular meeting place for the rich and famous in the 1930s before it underwent a $5 million facelift to reopen as Alkaff Mansion in 1990. In 2003, the restaurant was closed and re-opened again eight years later in 2011.


The Gazebo

As the restaurant had a rich history, the entire building was awarded conservation status by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in 2005.

I remember vividly that I attended my cousin's wedding at Alkaff Mansion a couple of years back, however, I have not been back to the restaurant for some time. Therefore, when I was invited for a tasting session for the restaurant’s new Italian Gourmet Buffet Dinner, I was elated.

This extravagant buffet is available on the third Thursday of the month and features a well-curated menu with popular favourites from the Sunday Prosecco Brunch and the delectable Italian Grigliata Grill and Bar.


Wagyu beef carpaccio

One of my favourites from the antipasti selection is the wagyu beef carpaccio which is juicy and instantly melts in my mouth. The fresh tuna carpaccio is light, delightful and refreshing and you can taste the freshness with every bite. 


Fresh coffin bay oysters


Cold cuts

Other popular items from the antipasti section include the fresh coffin bay oysters, mozzarella cheese with tomato and basil and cold cuts.


The chef cutting the oven-baked sea bass in sea salt

From the grill section, I love the oven-baked sea bass in sea salt which is a Sicilian classic dish. The salt is set to a crust, holding the moisture of the fish. When you crack the crust open, it peels off in large chunks, revealing the tender fish inside.


Grilled prawns and chicken

Other highlights which are grilled à la minute include the succulent grilled prawns and tasty grilled chicken.


Lamb rack

The buffet also features a tempting selection of meats and seafood including the lamb rack, the 36-hour marinated beef striploin, and the freshly grilled Sardinian octopus. The lamb rack left the greatest impression. It is cooked to the right temperature with a melt-in-in-your-mouth consistency.


Penne with seafood

From the pasta section, you can look forward to orecchiette pomodorini, blue cheese potato gnocchi and penne with seafood. The blue cheese potato gnocchi is amazing, the creamy, intense and delicious cheese sauce pairs beautifully with the potato gnocchi. However, if you are not a cheese lover, this may be a little too rich for your liking. 


Lovely assortment of desserts

Desserts add an elegant, finishing touch to a fantastic meal. The spicy chocolate cake is a unique dessert specially crafted by the chef. I was told that this was an accidental creation, however, the combination is just brilliant.  Chilli powder is added to the decadent chocolate cake to give your taste buds a fiery sensation. The juxtaposition of sweet and spicy flavours creates a burst of delight with each mouthful. Other highlights include tiramisu, mango mousse, profiteroles and assorted cheeses (desserts are available on a rotational basis). 


Assorted cheeses

The sinful desserts will definitely wreak havoc on your diet plans but they are definitely worth the calories.

The Italian Gourmet Buffet Dinner is priced at $98++ per adult. The next Italian Gourmet Dinner will be available on Thursday, 16 June. For reservations, please call 6510 3068 or visit here.


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