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Tease Your Palate with Fish Prepared in Innovative Styles at Be A Flying Fish (鱼乐飞), Shenzhen!


With my new colleagues

Be A Flying Fish (鱼乐飞),  MH Mall is part of the Mission Hills Centreville located within the largest golf resort in the world - Mission Hills, Shenzhen.

The restaurant specialises in fish prepared in innovative styles, guaranteed to pique the palates of those who love fish. As the name implies, the fish is so tasty that one literally feels like 'flying'.

Here are some of my favourite dishes:


凉拌皮蛋 (Chilled Century Eggs)- RMB16

I don’t usually fancy century egg but I am quite impressed with Be A Flying Fish (鱼乐飞)'s version. It has a translucent orange hue instead of the usual charcoal black colour which makes it look much more appetising. Traditionally, century eggs were made by preserving chicken or duck eggs in a mixture of salt, lime and ash and wrapping in rice husks for several weeks. This helps to raise the PH of the egg, the chemical process breaks down the proteins and fats into smaller complex flavours. After the egg is chilled, it is served with soya sauce and topped with chilli. The yolk has a creamy consistency while the white has a gelatinous texture. Cool and refreshing, it helps to whet one’s appetite before the main meal.


韭菜鸡蛋干 (Sliced Egg White with Leek) - RMB18

Resembling beancurd, this is another popular appetiser. The egg white is sliced thinly and has a firm, pleasant texture. It is accompanied with leek giving it a fragrant and crunchy flavour.


麻辣鱼皮(Fish Skin in Mala Sauce) - RMB36

A traditional Szechuan favourite, this will tantalise your palate and titillate your senses. The fish skin is chewy and delectable and goes well with the mala sauce which consists of Szechuan peppercorn, chilli pepper and various spices simmered in oil. Spicy, numbing and delicious.


金牌酸菜鱼 (Signature Fish with Preserved Vegetables)--RMB148

For the mains, the signature fish with preserved vegetables is my ultimate favourite. It consists of boiled and fried fish cooked in a tangy, flavourful broth which is meticulously prepared with preserved papaya, preserved vegetables, ginger, bamboo shoot and chilli and enhanced with sliced lemon. The marriage of tangy, spicy and savoury flavours makes it absolutely delightful.


招牌脆鱼锅 (Signature Crispy Fish served in a Pot) - RMB 158 

The fish is tender, delicious and crisp as we heard that the fishes are farmed and fed only with soybeans. Topped with peppers, green and red chilli and served in a huge pot, it delivers gratification in every bite.


Enjoying 金牌酸菜鱼 (Signature Fish with Preserved Vegetables)


The entrance

Be A Flying Fish (鱼乐飞) is located at L304-306. For more enquiries, please call 

0755 -21002527; 4008818632 or email

Alternatively, kindly visit


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