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Sweep Your Loved One Off Her Feet this Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day is approaching. If you have not made plans yet, here are some ways to romance the love of your life.

♥ Sunset picnic

Have a picnic at East Coast Park, Fort Canning Park, Botanic Gardens or anywhere green, cool and peaceful. Head there before 6 pm just before the sun sets. Prepare light food such as sandwiches, biscuits, fruits, salads, pies and sushi and pack them in a basket.

♥ Sky gazing

Grab some pillows and mat and head off to the nearest beach. Lie back with your loved one and gaze at the stars and the moon while entwined in each others arms.

♥ Camping

Select a quiet spot near the beach and pitch a tent. At sunset, go down to the beach and sit down together watching the sun set over the horizon. Then head back to the camp and enjoy private time with each other.

♥ Sunrise stroll

Go for a stroll on the boardwalk at MacRitchie Reservoir, or simply the path in any of the reservoir parks. Enjoy the fresh morning air and chirping of birds.

♥ Midnight cycling

This is a great way to tone your muscles. First, plan your route and destination. Cycling along a park connector path is a good idea as you avoid heavy traffic. There’s one starting from Bishan Park to Kallang River.

♥ Hiking

Grab those walking shoes, a backpack, a bottle of mineral water and your partner. Head out on a local trail (e.g. in MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve), and as you enjoy nature at its finest.

♥ Parks for quiet time together

Upper Pierce Reservoir Park: This park lies within view of Bukit Timah Hill. You may see families having picnic. The main gate closes at 7 pm, however, so heed the siren that wails 15 minutes before closing time.

Lower Pierce Reservoir Park: Just off Thomson road, this park is serene and tranquil. The evenings are ideal for quiet walks to enjoy the peace scenery, a picnic with a loved one, or even a short jog together. The nights are quiet, with occasional couples walking about or relaxing on the benches.

West Coast Park: Although near industrial areas and commercial wharfs, this renovated park is quiet and peaceful and is popular with small families in the evenings and the weekends. It is not too crowded and you can get a little privacy here at most times. This place is perfect for a romantic stroll in the evenings.

Kent Ridge Park: Near the National University of Singapore, this relatively deserted park boasts spectacular views of the southern region of Singapore. Enjoy peace and quietness in the afternoon and evening; you may even have the whole park to yourself after sunset.

Ang Mo Kio hilly park: The park is just behind Ang Mo Kio MRT station. It is a low hill, with windy footpaths, spreading trees and lots of benches. At night it is quiet although you can see HDB apartment blocks nearby. 

I hope the above tips can help you to create your most memorable date. 

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day!


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