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Succulent Roasts at Fook Kin

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

A Medley of Succulent Roasts and Local Favourites

A collaboration between The Muttons from Class 95FM and Roast Paradise, Fook Kin has been drawing steady crowds since its opening in September 2018. Roast Paradise started off as a humble stall at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre selling premium char siew (barbecued pork and siew yoke (roasted pork belly). It’s great to know that we can now savour these KL style Cantonese Roast Meats at Killiney Road, right in the heart of the city.

The interior of the restaurant is eclectic, with a contemporary meets retro vibe. Some of the unique elements include bird cages, metal shutters, marble tabletops, steel chairs, neon lights and murals.

Fook Kin is famed for its roast meats, in addition, the menu has a selection of mouth-watering local favourites which will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Here are my recommendations:

Char Siew and Siew Yoke Platter

Char Siew (Barbecued Pork) and Siew Yoke (Roasted Pork Belly) Platter (S$6.80++ for Small, S$17++ for Medium and S$34++ for Large)

The Char Siew is probably the best char siew I have tried, hitting all the right notes. With a slightly charred appearance, it has a crispy exterior with succulent interior. With a distinct sweet taste which goes extremely with their special sauce, it seduces my taste buds with every bite.

The skin of the Siew Yoke is crispy providing a lovely contrast to the juicy meat. When paired with mustard sauce, it is pretty palatable, though not as mind blowing as the Char Siew.

Roast Duck Boneless S$12++

Massaged with 18 herbs and spices thoroughly, allowing the Duck to absorb the seasoning, it is a delectable creation. To seal in the flavous, the Duck is roasted using small charcoal fire. Flavours are well balanced and the Duck is infused with the fragrant herbs. It is a dish not to be missed by those who enjoy duck.

Springy Mee Pok

Mee Pok S$3

Tossed with garlic oil and topped with lard and minced meat, the Mee Pok is springy and tasty and retains a firm bite. It is accompanied by a unique chilli paste with a gentle hint of lime.

Triple Happiness Tofu

Triple Happiness Tofu S$9.80++

Comprising of cold tofu topped with salted egg, century egg and salmon roe, the Triple Happiness Tofu is nutritious and delicious. The salmon roe adds a refreshing twist to the dish, resulting in a burst of heavenly flavours in my mouth.

Golden Lotus Root Crisp

Golden Lotus Root Crisp S$7.80++

Deep-fried to golden perfection, the Lotus Root Crisp is drizzled with decadent and creamy salted egg yolk sauce, resulting in a delightful blend of sweet and savoury flavours. This is such an addictive appetiser that I can’t seem to stop indulging once I have started.

Two Way Kai Lan $S9.80++

After consuming so much meat, it is nice to conclude the meal with some greens. Consisting of Kai Lan leaf shreds and stalks, it has a nice crunchy texture and pleasant taste.

Fook Kin is located at 111 Killiney Road, Singapore 239553.

For enquiries, please call 6737 3488.

For dining promotions, please visit their Facebook page here.


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