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Succulent Roast Duck at London Fat Duck


The entrance

London Fat Duck which was launched over a year ago is a collaboration between Singapore-based Fei Siong and Akashi groups. What is interesting to note is that London Fat Duck has nothing to do with London and did not originate from there. The name was inspired by renowned roast duck restaurants in London such as Four Seasons and Goldmine in Bayswater. 

London Fat Duck is famed for its Cantonese style roast ducks which are sourced from Silver Hill Farm located in Ireland. The ducks are grain-fed and allowed to roam freely. Relaxing music is played before the duck is slaughtered, resulting in its succulent, tender and flavourful flesh.

The restaurant reminds me of casual eateries in Hong Kong which are small, cramp and brightly lit. Although the setting is understated and fuss-free, it has a welcoming feel. Service is decent and the food is served in less than 10 minutes, which makes it an ideal place to dine if you are rushing for time.


BBQ2 combination rice


Signature London roast duck half portion

London Fat Duck’s signature London roast duck (whole $48.80, half $26 and regular $16.80) impressed me with its crispy skin and moist, juicy meat, oozing delight with every mouthful. If you are dining alone, you may want to try the BBQ 2 combination rice ($9.80) which comes with roast duck, pork belly and barbecued pork. The roast duck however stole the limelight from the other meats.


Crispy London duck snow bun

Another item on the menu which had me bowled over was the crispy London duck snow bun ($5.20). It is a little similar to the legendary barbecued pork bun at Tim Ho Wan. The only difference is that tender slices of duck are used for the filling instead of barbecued pork.


The juicy interior

The bun has a crispy and fluffy exterior with a moist, juicy interior with generous slices of roast duck meat seasoned to the right degree of sweetness. 


Signature steamed cheong-fun

I love the signature steamed cheong-fun ($6.20) which consists of deep-fried prawn rolls encased in a silky and velvety steamed rice roll, so you can get the best of both worlds.


Hong Kong wanton mee

The Hong Kong wanton mee ($7.80) is another highlight. The egg noodles are springy and firm and are accompanied with fresh shrimp dumplings and kai lan. Each morsel of dumpling is bouncy and savoury.


Hong Kong egg tart

For dessert, I would recommend the Hong Kong egg tart ($4.20). The egg tarts have a flaky, fluffy crust with a smooth and soft interior. Each bite is a heavenly burst of goodness.

London Fat Duck is located at 1 Harbourfront Walk #B2-29, Singapore 098585. For reservations, please call 6221 6689. There are also two other outlets located at Scotts Square and Waterway Point. For more information, please visit here.


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