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Skive and Enjoy Excellent Modern European Cuisine at Skyve Wine Bistro


Basking in the relaxing ambience

Nestled within the old Monk’s Hill Secondary school and minutes away from Orchard Road, Skyve Wine Bistro is a serene enclave for relaxation and fabulous food. The name Skyve is a clever pun on the word ‘skive’ (which means to escape from work). True to its name, Skyve’s ambience is relaxed and understated and encourages people to take a break from work to have a peaceful retreat. The names of the food items on the menu also put one in a relaxed mood with noteworthy ones such as the sleeping oysters, the dilly dally appetisers and the languid main course.


The interior

Helmed by Chef Jachin Tan, Skyve Wine Bistro is a chic and contemporary bistro with old school charm and is surrounded by lush greenery, giving one a laid-back and languid feeling. The setting provides an ideal environment for a chillout session, gathering with friends or a romantic date with your loved one.


With General Manager, Mr CK Ng (left) and Chef Jachin Tan

Service was exceptionally good and the General Manager, Mr CK Ng in particular was very warm and hospitable.

Although the restaurant is a few years old, I have only tried it once in December last year. The menu focuses on modern European cuisine which is surprisingly good for a wine bistro.


Sous vide egg and spaghettini

My hubby and I commenced our epicurean journey with the sous vide egg and spaghettini, seared foie gras and Hokkaido scallops. The sous vide egg and spaghettini was very unique and was served with soft poached egg, iberico ham and truffle hollandaise The spaghettini was al dente and the different flavours were harmoniously combined together leading to the intensity in the taste. 


Seared foie gras

The seared foie gras was marvellously executed with a crisp exterior and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency.


Hokkaido scallops

I also enjoyed the Hokkaido scallops which were also very succulent and cooked to precision. The scallops were served with eggplant, mousseline, fine herbs, seaweed caviar and ebiko. 


Confit of duck leg

For the mains, I had the confit of duck leg while my hubby had the sous vide beef rosette. The duck leg confit is a classic French dish which is very time consuming and difficult to prepare. It is marinated with crushed peppercorn, garlic, bay leaves and thyme overnight and cooked in a casserole dish before going into the oven the next day. Skyve’s version was beautifully prepared, the was skin baked to a shiny brown hue and the meat was tender and flavourful. The accompaniments such as sweet potato mash and candied brussel sprouts were lovely too.


Sous vide beef rosette

The beef rosette comprising chargrilled grassfed tenderloin wrapped in bacon, foie gras butter, mushroom ragout, truffle potato mash and baby asparagus with thyme jus was superbly juicy and luscious, oozing gratification in every bite.


La vie en rose

Bring your meal to a wonderful closure with the dreamy la vie en rose dessert, which is named after a classic song by the late Edith Piaf – a famous singer, songwriter and actress. In fact, I loved the song so much that the theme of our wedding was also based on the name of the song. This signature dessert is a pretty culinary masterpiece consisting of vanilla sponge cake, lychee and rose mousse, macaron, raspberry sorbet and edible flowers. It is a lovely medley of sweet, sour and fruity notes, perfect for ladies.



The tiramisu prepared with ladyfinger sponge, mascarpone cheese, kahlua coffee and crushed meringue bits was also awesome with its creamy texture and rich flavours.


The cosy setting

Dining at Skyve offers a very unique, experimental, delicious and very relaxing experience. The setting is casual yet refined and you can satisfy all your five senses.


With my hubby

Skyve is located at No. 10 Winstedt road, Blk E #01-17 Singapore 227977. It is open daily and the operation hours are from from 12pm to 11pm on Mondays to Thursdays, 10am to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays and 10am to 10pm on Sundays and public holidays.

For reservations, please call 6225 6690 or email For more information, please visit here.


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