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Seasons Bistro - Best Bistro in the Heart of Town


Chilling out over good food

Located at the heart of Orchard Road, at Triple One Somerset, the 6-month old Seasons Bistro focuses on North American cuisine with Italian, Mexican, British, French and Canadian influences. Helming the kitchen is Executive Chef, Benjamin Fong who has trained under award-winning chefs such as Samuel Glass and Keith Kowalski in Toronto, Canada. He has also honed his culinary skills in the kitchens of PS.Café in Dempsey and Palais Renaissance and restaurants in Taiwan. Chef Benjamin was trained in French cuisine, however, he decided to increase the appeal of his food by marrying the flavours of different cuisines and adding a casual, contemporary touch to it.

His culinary philosophy centres on the beauty of simplicity, stressing on the purity of its ingredients. This is exemplified in many of his creations that feature fresh, premium and sustainably sourced ingredients. Each seasonal menu is thoughtfully curated and meticulously crafted by Chef Benjamin who strongly believes in reducing carbon footprint whenever possible.


The interior

In addition to the food, another attraction of Seasons Bistro is its location. It is conveniently located near Somerset MRT station and accessible to shoppers and tourists in town. I stumbled upon the bistro while I was running errands with my hubby last weekend. The inviting ambience appealed to us and we decided to give it a try.


The bar counter

The bistro was well lit and spacious with wooden elements. There is also a nice bar counter where you can chill out with a drink.


Eggs Benny

As we could not decide what to order, we decided to select one item from the brunch section (available only on weekends) and one from the lunch section and one from the dessert section. My hubby ordered the Eggs Benny, which was tasty and very substantial. It was served with English muffin, topped with smoked salmon and two poached eggs drizzled with Hollandaise sauce and accompanied with sautéed potatoes and fresh garden salad. 


Autumn pumpkin risotto

I had the Autumn pumpkin risotto which was appetising with the lovely aroma and sweetness of the pumpkin. The walnuts added a crunchy texture to the dish. The risotto oozed gratification in every mouthful. The taste was almost perfect except that the pumpkin could have been diced to smaller pieces. It was not really a big issue though and could be easily fixed.


Pecan pie

The restaurant staff offered us a complimentary pecan pie as the carrot cake and tart were not available. We were very impressed with the crumbly, crispy pastry with a deliciously rich, sweet and dense, chewy interior filled with toasted pecans. When accompanied with smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream, it was simply heavenly.


The entrance

Overall, we had an excellent dining experience at Seasons Bistro and we will definitely be back to try other popular favourites including the lumberjack, the surf and turf gumbo, red velvet cheesecake and the carrot cake.

Seasons Bistro is located at 111 Somerset, #01/11/12 Singapore 238164. For reservations, please call 6836 5841 or email


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