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Savour Fresh Seafood at Quayside Seafood Restaurant


Hubby and me

Located along the stunning Singapore River, Quayside Seafood Restaurant at Clarke Quay is undoubtedly a haven for seafood. 

Offering an extensive range of seafood dishes and local favourites, you can indulge while admiring the picturesque river view and bumboats sailing by leisurely. 


Enjoying the lovely ambience

The ambience is relaxed and it is best to come here in the evening so you can unwind and enjoy the breeze. 


Lobster bisque

Whet your appetite with the lobster bisque ($18.50) prepared using lobster shells and simmered to produce a rich, creamy and luscious soup with a hint of nutmeg, peppercorn and tarragon.


Sweet corn soup

For something lighter, opt for the sweet corn soup ($12).


Chilli crab

The signature dishes are the chilli crab ($90) and  black pepper crab ($90). The former is flavourful and helps to ignite the senses. The piquant sauce goes well with deep-fried mantou.


Black pepper crab

The latter is equally delicious and the peppery taste provides a delightful contrast to the sweetness of the crustacean.


Steamed rock garoupa

Fish aficionados will love the  rock garoupa  ($112) which is steamed to perfection. The texture is firm and lean. 


Stir-fried scallop with asparagus, broccoli and peas

For something healthy, go for the stir-fried scallop with asparagus, broccoli and peas ($38). If you prefer a more intense taste, you can opt to have this with XO sauce.


Seafood fried rice

Another not to be missed item is the seafood fried rice ($32). It is probably one of the best fried rice that I have tried. It is light and fluffy and comes with generous servings of crabmeat, squid, prawns and eggs. 



For dessert, we recommend the chendol ($6.50), a delicious and refreshing dessert with the flavours of fresh coconut milk, gula melaka, pandan and red beans or the deep-fried ice cream ($5). 


Deep-fried ice cream

When you sink your teeth into the crispy crust, your taste buds will be awakened by the icy cool and creamy interior.


The beautiful setting

Quayside Seafood Restaurant is an excellent place to indulge in seafood and enjoy the mesmerising view of the river. The warm service heightens the overall dining experience. The restaurant is located at 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021.

For reservations, please call 6338 3195.


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