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Savour Exquisite Food in Complete Darkness at Nox-Dine in the Dark


Having a cocktail before dinner

Nox – Dine in the Dark is one of the most novel dining concepts in Singapore. It offers diners the opportunity to revel in exquisite European cuisine in complete darkness. My hubby and I were excited to go for the experience as we had not tried anything like this before.

Initially, we were apprehensive, however it was not as intimidating as it seemed. Everything turned out well. Somehow, dining in darkness made us more sensitive to our other senses and we were able to embrace the meal by paying more attention to the aromas, tastes and textures. The food was excellent and every dish was a symphony of unique combinations. However, I  am unable to share the food images as photography is not allowed at the restaurant.


Relaxing at the bar

The gastronomic journey commenced with the staff serving the amuse bouche and briefing us on what to expect during the evening at the lounge area. We also ordered tropical jungle and ignite my passion cocktails.


Amuse bouche


Tropical jungle cocktail


Ignite my passion

We were then led by the visually impaired guides who did their utmost to make us comfortable. The set dinner, which comprised of twelve innovative creations changes every two months. The menu was thoughtfully crafted by Chef Desmond Lee who has spent many years working in the kitchens of renowned restaurants such as Le Saint Julien, Ember, Braise and Private Affairs.

Our meal started with four appetisers, the water cress salad with artichoke and parma ham, walnut dressing, cauliflower panna cotta with pan-seared Hokkaido salad, winter black truffle, pan-fried foie gras with Kyoto grapes, port wine reduction and burgundy escargot, garlic butter, roasted tomato with croutons. All were flawlessly executed with a wondrous blend of textures and flavours. Our personal favourite was the pan-fried foie gras which showcased the culinary finesse of the chef.

The mains were amazing too with the pan-seared black cod with pumpkin porridge, zucchini and hazelnut deserving special mention. It was a wonderful combination of sweet, earthy and nutty flavours bringing delight in every bite. Other noteworthy items include the oven-roasted duck leg with herb roasted baby potatoes, orange sauce and the wagyu beef strip loin with braised onion, mushroom and edamame seed. The pork belly with miso sauce had a very Asian flavour and reminded me of char siew.

Desserts were well curated too, ending our journey with a big bang.  The earl grey tea sorbet with strawberry consommé was refreshing while the caramelized banana tart with chocolate sauce was decadent. We also enjoyed the mango trifle which was was creamy with a nutty sensation.  The classic tiramisu was a little too light in flavour, it would have tasted better if the espresso was stronger.

Overall, Nox-Dine in the Dark offers a multi-sensory and experimental dining experience where you can savour the different aromas, textures and flavours of the food, It helps to open one's mind and stimulate our different senses. The set dinner is priced at $88++ per person.


Hubby and me


The Bar

Nox-Dine in the Dark is located at 269 Beach Road, Singapore 199546. 

For reservations, please call 6298 0708. Alternatively, please visit here for more information.


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