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Satiate your Cravings for Japanese Cuisine at Himawari


The entrance

I’ve always had a strong affinity for Japanese cuisine because it is light, healthy, natural and harmonious and you can indulge without putting on the pounds. During the festive season last year, I had an overdose of festive delights such as turkey and honey baked ham and I wanted to give my jaded taste buds a break. Therefore, I was glad when my husband suggested dining at Himawari Food Pte Ltd located at Orchid Country Club.


The sushi and sashimi counter

Himawari Food Pte Ltd started in 2004 as the holding company which launched the Himawari Japanese Restaurant at SAFRA Mount Faber. Its renowned Japanese buffet has garnered awards and positive reviews from local media such as The Straits Times, Wine & Dine and Japanese publication, Shin Nichi Ho.


The interior

The first branch, which is now defunct was established at Neil Road in late 2006 to cater to the clientele in the Central Business District. The second branch which is now the flagship restaurant opened its doors in Jun 2008. The third branch located at Orchid Country Club (second level of the driving range) started about a year ago. Service is prompt and efficient and the ambience is relaxed and cosy and offers a picturesque view of the driving range.


Tucking into fresh sashimi

The buffet has over 80 popular items including sashimi, sushi, tempura, chawanmushi, shabu shabu and suki yaki. Our gastronomical adventure commenced with the mixed sashimi platter which includes sake (salmon), mekajiki (swordfish), maguro (tuna), tai (sea bream) and ita (squid). The sashimi was fresh and evenly sliced and left my taste buds tingling with ecstasy.


Tasty agedashi tofu

Next, we had the agedashi tofu which was simple, but delicately executed by the chef. The silken tofu was beautifully coated with a thin batter and deep-fried and dressed with soy and a light touch of garnish. It helped to prepare my palate for the burst of other seafood and meat items about to follow.


 Lovely cream corn croquette

We also had two servings of the cream corn croquette and were charmed by the ambrosial flavour.

Another noteworthy item was the chawanmushi which was soft and tender and prepared with a delicious dashi stock.


Mixed tempura

The mixed tempura was a varied and delightful assortment of prawns, sweet potato, green pepper an eggplant. The batter coating was thin, crisp and fragrant and was a testament to the chef’s mastery and finesse.


Gindara teriyaki

The gindara (cod) teriyaki was flavourful, tender and moist and left me craving for more.


Beef sukiyaki

We opted for the sukiyaki instead of the shabu shabu. It came with a generous serving of vegetables, tofu, enoki mushrooms and thinly sliced beef. You can also order udon or rice to go with it. For diners who do not take beef, chicken and pork are also available.

The wonderful meal was given a sweet conclusion with assorted ice cream such as green tea, chocolate and vanilla.

Overall, Himawari is an ideal place for gatherings with friends and family. It is affordable, child friendly and the buffet has an extensive selection, leaving one spoilt for choice. This branch also has two Tatami rooms (up to eight persons for each room) and one VIP room (10 persons) for intimate dinners and celebrations.

Operating Hours (Daily)

11.45am – 2.45pm (Lunch)

5.45pm – 10pm (Dinner)


Mondays to Thursdays

Lunch: $38.80++ Dinner: $42.80++

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Lunch: $41.80++ Dinner: $45.80++

Child pricing is at $27.80++ daily.

Himawari is located at level 2 of Orchid Country Club, Driving Range.

For reservations, call 6834 3313.


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