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Premium Japanese Sushi and Contemporary Japanese Cuisine at TEN Sushi by Marusaya

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

My Favourite Omakase Sushi at TEN Sushi & Bar

TEN Sushi is a casual sushi restaurant by Marusaya specialising in premium sushi and contemporary Japanese cuisine deftly prepared with fine ingredients air flown from Japan. Helmed by Chef Hirai, the 4-year old sushi restaurant is located at the hip Robertson Quay. One can enjoy innovative Japanese cuisine, Japanese sake, wines, beers and whiskies in a relaxed, hip and airy environment.

With a trendy bar which closes at 3am, seven days a week, TEN Sushi is an ideal venue to unwind and relish fresh sushi and signature creations.

Omakase Sushi - Featuring 12 Varieties of Premium Sushi

The Omasake Sushi comprising of 12-piece roll sushi is my favourite item on the menu. Priced at S$49++, you can look forward to fresh Maguro (tuna), Otoro (tuna belly), Uni (sea urchin), Kanpachi (amberjack), Mizu Tako (octopus), Aji (Japanese horse mackerel) and more. 12-piece and 24-piece Sushi Boxes (12-piece box at S$49++, 24-piece box at S$98++) are also available upon request.

12-piece Sushi Box
24-piece Sushi Box
Tantalising Wagyu Aburi Sushi

Another signature dish which I love is the A4 Wagyu Aburi Sushi (S$18++ for 2 pieces and S$44++ for 5 pieces) consisting of Japanese high quality seared A4 wagyu sushi with teriyaki sauce and topped with spring onion. It has a succulent texture and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

TEN Assorted Sashimi Deluxe

At a good Sushi joint, one can always expect fresh sashimi. TEN Sushi & Bar's TEN Assorted Sashimi Deluxe priced at S$58 offers a plethora of of Sashimi including Maguro (tuna), Hamachi (amberjack), Otoro (tuna belly), Hotate (scallop), Uni (sea urchin) and more. The Hotate won my heart with its sweet taste and firm texture while the Uni impressed me with its smooth, creamy and briny flavours.

Japanese Sakoshi Bay Oysters

The Japanese Sakoshi Bay Oysters (S$28++ for 6 pieces, S$49++ for 12 pieces) topped with ikura and ebiko are not to be missed by oyster aficionados. Fresh, plump and luscious, they melt readily in one's mouth.

Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll

The Aburi Salmon Avocado Roll (S$20 for 8 pieces) is a beautifully assembled creation with fresh avocado, aburi salmon slices topped with mayo, tobiko and onion and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. The wondrous combination of different textures and flavours is intriguing to the senses and gratifying to the palate.

Unagi Eel Roll

The Unagi Eel Roll (S$18 for 4 pieces and S$32 for 8 pieces) is equally alluring with its light, delicate texture and sweet taste, further enhanced by the chef artfully brushing teriyaki sauce on the roll.

Other popular favourites include Jaburi Shimesaba (S$12++) featuring seared marinated mackerel served on garden vegetables and vinegar sauce, Saba Misonikomi (S$9++) which comprises of simmered mackerel in miso paste, Ika Ichiyaboshi consisting of grilled lightly-dried cuttlefish with black pepper (S$15++), delectable Salmon Carpaccio, featuring fresh salmon slices topped with onion, spring onion, flower and flying fish roe, Dashi Oden, with steamed fishcake, egg, homemade, chicken ball, white radish with savoury dashi soup, Chicken Karaage with Vegetable Sauce (S$12++), Beef Gyu Don (S$20++), Unagi Tamago Don (S$26++), Pork Shabu Udon (S$17++) and more.

TEN Sushi Exterior

TEN Sushi by Marusaya is located at 60 Robertson Quay, #01-09, Singapore 238252. For reservations, please call +65 6735 0383 or email

Alternatively, please visit their Facebook page here.


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