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Popular Naganuma Ice, Hokkaido's Number 1 Soft Serve Ice Cream Opens in Singapore!

Updated: Jan 13, 2019


The very first Naganuma Ice outlet in Singapore


Savouring the Red Wine Soft Serve

The very first Singapore outlet of Naganuma Ice, Hokkaido’s Number 1 best-selling soft serve ice cream opened in Singapore at Carlton City Hotel at Tanjong Pagar yesterday (1 Dec 2018).

Founded in 1994, in the town of Naganuma, this renowned Japanese brand has three stores in Hokkaido and three in Taiwan, drawing long queues from avid fans. Naganuma Ice has plans to launch two more stores in Singapore by April next year.

Famed for its rich, full flavour and milky taste using Hokkaido raw milk (Nama milk) and Hokkaido eggs, Naganuma Ice is reportedly the only Hokkaido company certified by the prefecture’s authorities to use raw Hokkaido milk in their products.


The refreshing Red Wine Soft Serve

I was first introduced to the lovely Gelato at Naganuma Ice’s booth at Takashima 25th Anniversary Matsuri in September/ October this year and was besotted by the smooth, creamy and delectable flavours.


Lovely assortment of flavours

There are 12 classic Gelato flavours including Double Cheese, Pumpkin, Matcha, Fresh Milk, Strawberry, Yubari Melon, Chocolate, Banana and Azuki Beans, Mango Yoghurt, Cookies and Cream and more priced at S$5.50 for single scoop, S$6.50 for a double scoop and S$0.50 for cone. The Strawberry and Mango Yoghurt flavours stole my heart.

For the Soft Serve, you can look forward to six delightful flavours such as Red Wine, Rich Milk, Ebisu Pumpkin, Yubari Melon, Corn and Matcha. I was completely blown away by the Red Wine flavour. I expected it to be slightly tart and bitter, however, it was light and refreshing with the pleasant sweetness of grapes. I was told that it was made with premium grapes from Hokkaido. Each soft serve is priced at S$6.


Crème Brûlée Soft Serve

The Making of Crème Brûlée Soft Serve

There are two made-to-order desserts exclusive to the Singapore outlet, including the Crème Brûlée Soft Serve (S$6), a luscious combination of rich milk soft serve topped with fresh custard (air flown every week from Naganuma Ice Hokkaido factory) and scorched to a perfect golden brown texture and the Black Lover Parfait (S$8.50), comprising of layers of fresh cream, strawberry jam, crunchy cookie crumbs and a decadent Asahikawa dark chocolate wafer.

Naganuma Ice is open daily from 11am to 9pm at Carlton City Hotel, 1 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078862. For enquiries, call 67419108. For more information, visit their Facebook.


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