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My Melody Café Opens at Suntec City Mall


The garden-themed interior

I’m a die-hard Sanrio fan and I particularly love My Melody, the honest, unassuming and good natured rabbit who is a good friend of Hello Kitty and is more frequently known as ‘My Melo’. Therefore, you can imagine how elated I was when I learned about the opening of a themed café featuring my favourite character. This lovable rabbit, also referred to as Little Red Riding Hood in her version of the classic fairytale wears a pink or red hood covering her ears with a flower, strawberry or bow on her right side.

Hello Kitty has stolen the limelight for many years and it is now the time for her sidekick, My Melody to shine with her very own eponymous café which just opened yesterday. Located beside Gudetama, another Sanrio themed café, this cosy 38-seat eatery is named Strawberry Paradise, which aptly describes My Melody’s haven.


The dainty little basket

The interior is reminiscent of a pretty garden with lush greenery, floral arch and strawberries adorning the walls. On the table, you can also find a dainty little basket filled with pretty flowers and strawberries. The overall setting exudes a positive vibe, which is cheerful and inviting.


A delightful ensemble of My Melody themed creations

With five mains, six desserts and seven rabbit-themed beverages, the specially curated menu is designed by renowned food artist, Shirley Wong of Little Miss Bento who is also the consultant for Gudetama Singapore. Every item is meticulous crafted and creatively assembled with elements of the favourite character.


The Princess Bunny

I like The Princess Bunny (S$18.90++) featuring My Melody shaped pink-hued and white rice with a lovely bow made of ham accompanied with beetroot infused curry (giving it its pinkish tone), crispy chicken karaage and brussel sprouts.


Little Pink Riding Hood

Another noteworthy item is the Little Pink Riding Hood (S$23.90++) which is the café’s rendition of the quintessential Eggs Benedict. With smoked salmon and picnic ham enveloped in pinkish Hollandaise sauce, these poached eggs were probably the most adorable ones I have ever seen! I like the addition of strawberries and zucchini, which made the dish a very wholesome one.


"I Heart You" Chicken Waffles

An instaworthy dish is "I Heart You" Chicken Waffles (S$23++) featuring crispy chicken sandwiched between heart-shaped waffles. The berry salad packed with antioxidants was extremely refreshing, however the waffles were not as crispy as I would have liked them to be.


My Melody's Strawberry Surprise

My Melody's Strawberry Surprise (S$16.90++) is a must-try dessert for strawberry lovers. Comprising buttercream enclosed within two waffles, it was decorated with My Melody's visage. Although the butter cream was a tad too rich for me, the beautifully crafted dessert was a treat for the senses.


The entrance

My Melody Café is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361, Singapore 038983. It is open from 10am to 10pm daily. For more information, please visit the café's facebook page here.


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