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Mouth-Watering Indonesian Buffet at The Rice Table


The Rice Table is one of my favourite Indonesian buffets. It is one of the few places in Singapore with the Rijsttafel concept. The best part is that prices are pocket-friendly and you get to dine in a cosy and nice environment. At only $17.90 nett per person for lunch, it is a steal!


The mouth-watering dishes

Rijsttafel originates from Indonesia as the dishes served are authentically Indonesia, however the concept of Rijsttafel was coined by the Dutch colonists living in Indonesia. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Indonesian rice dish with meats and vegetables in rich, flavourful sauces, the Dutch created the feast known as Rijsttafel to savour various Indonesian dishes in one sitting.


Javanese chicken soup

Many of the dishes offered at The Rice Table exceeded my expectations. The Javanese chicken soup is very similar to the soto ayam, it is tasty and is served piping hot. 


Tauhu Telor

The winning dish is the quintessential tauhu telor, which comprises of fine egg shreds and tofu fried to golden perfection and drizzled with a delectable peanut sauce. 

To pique your appetite, go for the Indonesian fruit salad which consists of chunks of apple and pineapple. This appetiser is a little similar to the Singapore rojak but does not contain peanuts. The sauce is also slightly watery and less robust.

The vegetables in coconut stew are delicious with a rich, flavourful gravy. The beef rendang is succulent and tender with just the right amount of rempah (spicy paste). I also like the curry chicken which is steeped in an aromatic gravy. The lady's fingers in bean sauce is surprisingly good with the irresistible, nostalgic flavour of fermented soy beans.

Other popular dishes include the assam squid which is tangy and spicy at the same time and chicken satay  which is tender and delightful. The prawns in sambal sauce contained just the right amount of spice and is mild enough even for those who do not take spicy food. 

Some of the items which did not leave much of an impression include the otak, eggplant in kecap spice, curried tofu, kangkong belachan and fried sweet and sour fish

The zesty pickled cucumber is excellent for refreshing your palate in between the different dishes or after the meal.

The only setback of this buffet is that the restaurant does not serve plain water. Water is chargeable at $2 per bottle. You can also order lime, orange and sour plum juice priced at $3.50 per glass or assorted soft drinks at $3.00. Coffee, hot tea and Tiger beer are also available. 

To conclude your meal, you can order es chendol ($3.75) or durian chendol ($4.25). I did not order the desserts as I was very full when I finished the meal.


The entrance

The Rice Table is located at 360 Orchard Road, #02-09/10 International Building, 238869. It is open from 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.30pm to 9pm for dinner. For dinner, the buffet is priced at $28.50 nett.


The interior

For reservations, please call 6835 3782. Alternatively, please visit here.


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