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Kuriya Dining Provides A Feast for the Senses!


 Isabel and me

Tucked away in a hidden corner at Great World City, Kuriya specialises in Japanese cuisine prepared with a contemporary twist. Established in 2001, Kuriya Dining has built a reputation for its authentic and unique cuisine.

The name Kuriya is symbolic and it means ‘aristocratic kitchen’ in Japanese. Dining at Kuriya is a complete sensory experience, where you’ll be captivated from beginning till the end. The restaurant not only impresses diners with its staff’s professionalism, attentiveness and friendliness, one would be captivated by the personal touch of this restaurant.

Master Chef Naoki Tsuzuki’s creativity is succinct in the taste and presentation of his creations. Each dish is beautifully created, taking your dining experience to greater heights.

My friend, Isabel and I dined at Kuriya on 3 January and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. The exquisitely presented dishes were harmonious to our eyes and taste buds.


 The appetiser combination

Our splendid experience commenced with the cold tofu, tamago and octopus combination. This delightful  appetiser was light and pleasing to the palate.


Sashimi platter

The next course was the sashimi platter featuring three types of sashimi, sake (salmon), maguro (tuna) and hamachi (yellow tail). The sashimi was delicately sliced to perfection ensuring taste and texture.


Delightful chawanmushi

The delightful chawanmushi was prepared in a tasty dashi stock and brimmed with ingredients such as prawn, mushroom and chicken. It was light, simple, flavourful and melted instantly in my mouth.


Beef shabu shabu

For the main course, I had the beef shabu shabu, which was absolutely heavenly. The meat was thinly sliced and the soup broth was flavourful too. 


The dessert consisting of sesame ice cream, macaroon and mixed fruits provided a lovely closure to the awesome meal.

The dinner set meal is priced at $88++.

Kuriya is located at #01-28, Great World City Office Tower. For reservations, call 6736 0888.


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