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KU DÉ TA (renamed to CÉ LA VI) - the place to see and be seen

The interior

Situated at a prime location atop Marina Bay Sands, KU DÉ TA is the place to see and be seen. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline while you wine and dine with your loved one. Stay locked in each other’s arms and immerse in the romantic ambience while watching the sunset. 

Immersing in the relaxing ambience

Helmed by Chef Frederic Faucheux, from Loire Valley in France, the restaurant specialises in contemporary Asian cuisine. Dining at KU DÉ TA is a multi-sensory experience where taste, presentation and service combine seamlessly. Each dish superbly executed and elegantly plated, resembling an art piece.

Grilled prawn salad

Start your meal with the refreshing grilled prawn salad with baby spinach, parmesan, dried miso enhanced with aromatic truffle oil. The different elements blend beautifully, making every mouthful gratifying. 

Seared black angus beef tataki

The seared black angus beef tataki is another winning starter paired with pickled radish, wafu sauce and sesame. The unique combination of flavours uplifts one’s senses and heightens the overall dining experience. 

Crispy stick baby squid

A house favourite is the crispy sticky baby squid with black pepper drizzled with lime. Crunchy and appetising, this will leave you craving for more.

Pan-fried foie gras

The pan-fried foie gras offers a unique twist from the usual foie gras as it is paired with unagi. The pickled mango and soju jelly give it a zesty, tangy taste while the rice crackers add a crunch to every bite. Flavourful without being overwhelming.

Roasted black cod

For the mains, go for the roasted black cod accented with shishito, pickled red onions and lemon. Light and tasty, this dish is simple yet absolutely stunning, Diners with a heartier appetite will be enthralled by the succulence of the beef tenderloin accentuated with chilli red miso glaze and avocado tempura. A dish not to be missed by meat aficionados.

Aubergine accompanied with den miso, bonito savings and sesame seeds

For something light, opt for aubergine accompanied with den miso, bonito savings and sesame seeds or the wok-fried broccolini with shiso salsa.

Wok-fried broccolini with shiso salsa

The menu also caters to vegetarians and health-conscious diners.

Signature chocolate fondant

Bring your dining to a perfect closure with the signature chocolate fondant consisting of 70% guanaja, madasgacar vanilla ice cream and macerated berries, leaving one mesmerised and completely seduced.



12pm to 3pm (Last order: 2.30pm) on Mondays to Fridays


6pm to 11pm (Last order: 10.30pm) -daily

Weekend Brunch

11am to 3.30pm (Last reservation at 2.45pm, available only on Saturday)

For reservations, please call 6688 7688 or email


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