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Hearty Southern Italian Cuisine and Grill at Grissini


Chef Antonio and me

Grissini, which officially opened yesterday is part of Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel’s brand new integrated dining destination. The elegant restaurant features live antipasti stations, a charcuterie and cheese room, private dining rooms and a wine cellar. Helmed by Chef Antonio Cocozza, the restaurant specialises in hearty Southern Italian premium grilled meats and seafood, pastas and pizzas along with a twist on classic favourites.

Hailing from Naples, located on the Southern coast of Italy (where pizza was created), the affable and down-to-earth chef has over 25 years of culinary experience and has honed his skills in renowned restaurants in the UK, Italy, Australia, Russia, Africa, China and Singapore.

Chef Antonio’s cooking style is innovative, yet genuine and he believes in marrying fresh and premium ingredients with natural herbs to create authentic flavours with a difference. He infuses passion, dedication and finesse in his craft, whipping up delectable creations from his hometown. The menu that he has curated at Grissini is innovative yet genuine, tasty yet understated. 


Charcuterie platter

To whet your appetite, I recommend going for the charcuterie (cold cuts) which include mortadella ($12), prosciutto di parma ($16), salame casalingo ($12), iberico de bellota ($26) and more.


Zuppa di pomodoro

The zuppa di pomodoro (chilled tomato datterini soup - $14) is very refreshing is a perk-me-up on a hot, humid day. It is enhanced with garlic, fresh basil, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil “Primo” D.O.P (protected designation of origin) and topped with parmesan gelato which gives a smooth, creamy texture to the tangy soup.


Risotto ai funghi porcini

The risotto ai funghi porcini ($24) is a standout dish which is extremely flavourful with a smooth consistency. It consists of acquerello carnaroli rice cooked in an aromatic porcini mushroom broth and creamed with butter parsley and parmigiana reggiano D.O.P (parmesan cheese). Every mouthful is a burst of heartiness and wholesome goodness.


Signature Bianca pizza

Grissini’s signature pizza is the white pizza which does not use tomato in the preparation unlike most other pizzas in Italian restaurants in Singapore. The Chef's Recommendation which is also my favourite is the Bianca ($20 for small and $24 for medium) which is topped with black truffle paste, mozzarella, aged bacon, cream sauce and basil. It is a lovely composition with various distinct flavours coming together in harmony. What is interesting to note is that Chef Antonio’s pizza is prepared by kneading at low-speed. After the rising process, the dough must “sleep” at a controlled temperature for 24 hours for maturation. This enhances the fragrance, flavour and digestibility of the pizza.


Bistecca alla griglia

From the grill, the main highlights are the bistecca alla griglia (grilled prime ribeye steak - $78), the pesce spade (grilled Mediterranean swordfish - $38) and the polpo (grilled Mediterranean octopus - $36). They are cooked in the unique Josper oven which combines a grill and oven in one and fired by charcoal and flavoured wood to retain the texture and flavour. 


Pesce spade

The bistecca alla griglia is succulent and tender while the pesce spade is firm, retaining just enough bite. 



The polpo is succulent with delightful, smoky flavours. You can choose two sides to go with your main course including eggplant caponata, baby spinach with parmesan, roasted ratte potates and rosemary, broccolini and baby beetroot and more.


Crosta di limone

No meal is complete without desserts. For a sweet conclusion, go for the crostata di limone ($14) which is Sicilian’s lemon-ricotta tart served with amarena cherry coulis. The mix of citrus and creamy flavours is an excellent combination, leaving one craving for more.


Grissini interior


Another shot of Grissini's interior

Grissini is located at the lobby, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.


For reservations, please call 6233 1100 or email

Alternatively, please visit here.


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