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Hearty Comfort Food at Lots Gourmet Café


The interior

Tucked away in a corner at Upper Changi Road, Lots Gourmet Café is an oasis of serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I discovered this quaint café by chance when my former intern suggested dining there.  Although the location is inaccessible if one does not drive, it was surprisingly packed when we were there on a Sunday afternoon. I have heard that this café attracts crowds daily, especially during lunchtime.


Jia Hwei and me

Decked in vibrant colours, the café has a warm, cosy and inviting ambience. The only setback is that the main dining area is non air-conditioned. There is an upper inner balcony with air-conditioning, however, you will need to book it in advance.

Lots Gourmet Café offers a pretty extensive selection of Western and Asian favourites such as green chicken curry, Japanese curry, beef and mushroom stew and fillet of beef. The breakfast delights such as eggs with toast, omelette and pancakes are very popular.


Pancakes with banana and blueberries

I decided to try the pancakes as my baby boy, André Aaron loves pancakes with fruits. Lots Gourmet Café serves pancakes with banana, blueberries or a mix of both. The pancakes are soft, light and fluffy with an airy texture and melted instantly in my mouth. I had the pancakes with a combination of zesty blueberries and creamy bananas and the flavour was just divine. Every mouthful was a burst of heavenly goodness. 


Linguine aglio olio with prawns

The lunch menu is good too.The linguine aglio olio with prawns is a  twist from the traditional aglio olio which is prepared with garlic, chilli, olive oil and parsley. Lots Gourmet Café’s version is very unique with the addition of spinach purée, giving it a slightly greenish colour.  Spinach usually has a slightly bitter taste, however, I could not taste any bitterness in the pasta. In fact, the sauce is very interesting and gives the pasta richness, depth and dimension. I must say that eating it makes me feel good as it is packed with so much nutrients.


Penne arrabiata

The penne arrabiata is a simple pasta prepared with chilli, capsicum, kalamanta olive and tomato. The kalamata olive is a huge, purple olive with a smooth, meaty texture named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese, Greece. The Kalamata olive has a greater depth of flavour in comparison to other olives. This pasta ignites the senses and sets your taste buds ablaze. Perfect for those craving for spicy food.


Baby André Aaron having fun at the café

Overall, Lots Gourmet  is a great place for for a casual meal with friends. If you wish to dine in the air-conditioned balcony area, do remember to book early.


The entrance

Lots Gourmet Café is located at 965A Upper Changi Road North, Changi Garden, Singapore 507665. 

For enquiries, please call 6633 9651. Check out their facebook page here.


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