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Hearty and Unpretentious Italian Fare Takes Centre Stage at Trattoria Bonissima (Closed)

Updated: Jan 5, 2019


The Exterior

I have lived in the East all my life. The Eastern part of Singapore abounds with eateries, ranging from cafes, food centres and restaurants. If you have never ventured into this part of Singapore, Trattoria Bonissima, gives you the opportunity to visit. The restaurant with its classic, homey cuisine and immaculate service is a haven for a day out with your loved ones.


The interior

Trattoria Bonissima is helmed by Chef Andrea Badali who grew up in the lush countryside of Modena. After honing his skills in the kitchens of Borgata and Borgo, Chef Andrea decided to set up his own restaurant specialising in rustic Tuscan inspired cuisine. The setting is relaxed and unpretentious and the restaurant is decked in blue and white. Chef Andrea focuses on the simplicity and the use of fresh ingredients imported from Italy. He regularly updates his specials to provide diners with a refreshing experience.


Scarmoza con porcini (pan-seared smoked cheese with porcini mushroom)

Kick start your appetite with the scarmoza con porcini (pan-seared smoked cheese with porcini mushroom). The crust is crispy and irresistible and the smoked cheese embedded in the crust has a superb melt-in-your-mouth consistency. The flavours are further enhanced by the gentle aroma and taste of porcini mushroom.


Zucca (pumpkin soup)

The zucca (pumpkin soup) was delightful and filled with wholesome goodness. The taste was lighter and less creamy than  other pumpkin soup found in other Italian restaurants. 


Linguine Alle Cicale (crayfish in tomato sauce) 

The pasta dishes were excellent and my personal favourites are the Linguine Alle Cicale (crayfish in tomato sauce) and the penne with spinach, sausage and mushroom cream sauce. The Linguine Alle Cicale is a mainstay on the menu and was served with small pieces of crayfish bathed in a rich, tomato based sauce. It was delicious but more generous servings of crayfish would have made the dish even more gratifying.  


Penne with spinach, sausage and mushroom

The penne was the Chef’s Special for the day. It was very satisfying and the creamy sauce was packed with a strong, earthy flavour, permeating your taste buds. The combination of spinach, sausage and mushroom was excellent and gave the dish more texture and flavour.


Lovely tiramisu

Desserts are not to be missed. The luscious tiramisu was so divinely decadent that it made me completely subdued and provided perfect finale to an awesome dining experience.

Trattoria Bonissima is located at 308 Tanjong Katong Road. It is open from 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6pm to 10.30pm for dinner. For reservations, please call 6346 5845. 


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