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Get Into The Mood for Love at Stellar At 1-Altitude

The entrance

Mesmerising, magnificent and memorable. These are the three words that best define Stellar at 1-Altitude. This award winning restaurant was established in 2010 and is located on the 62nd floor of 1 Raffles Place. Since its opening, it has garnered many accolades and commendations from diners. The spectacular views are undoubtedly the greatest attraction with stunning 360 degree panoramic vistas across Singapore city, the adjacent coastline and the nearby islands of Indonesia.

 My second visit in January 2014

The elegant dining hall with its earthy tones and high ceiling boasts a charming ambience, making it a conducive environment for a romantic dinner with your loved one. The restaurant specialises in modern European cuisine with hints of Japanese influence and artisanal preparation methods. Executive Chef, Christopher Millar takes great effort to source the best seasonal produce and his culinary finesse is evident in many of his stellar creations.

 Celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary in November 2012

My first visit at the restaurant was in November 2012 when my husband brought me to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. The overall dining experience was enchanting and the food was reasonably good.  Service was impeccable too. During my recent visits last week, the food left an even greater impression.

Crab in two Japanese styles

A winning signature dish is the crab in two Japanese styles. Somehow, the name does not do much justice to this aesthetic culinary masterpiece. This dish is prepared to tease the palates of diners and indulge them sensually and emotionally. It consists of king crab in bonito stock with wild mushrooms and fried white bait, Hokkaido snow crab yuzu miso roll topped with avocado, sushi with Japanese watercress and Japanese plum sorbet with tempura to cleanse your palate. The different tastes and textures blend harmoniously together, creating a satisfying dish.

 Chilean sea bass

Another noteworthy item is the Chilean sea bass which is lightly braised and seasoned with Pinot Noir sauce and accompanied with marcona almond puree, asparagus and blood orange. It is a light and healthy dish and congruously exemplifies Chef Christopher’s passion and devotion.

Valrhona dark chocolate bomb

The valrhona dark chocolate bomb is another awe-inspiring creation. When served, it is a perfect sphere made of chocolate, When a warm berry compote is poured on the chocolate bomb, part of the chocolate slowly disintegrates, revealing the hazelnut praline in the core. Indulging in this sinfully decadent dish made me feel like Eve after having consumed the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. However, the rich, intense flavours are unforgettable and left me completely seduced. 

 Japanese mackerel maki

The restaurant also has a set lunch menu which is priced at $36++ per person for a 2-course and $44++ per person for a 3-course. I had the Japanese mackerel maki (maki with Japanese mackerel, prawn avocado, ohba leaf and tobiko) accompanied with salmon sashimi. It is uplifting and refreshing.

Sher wagyu beef

For the main course, I had sher wagyu beef slow baked with mushroom ketchup, potato grain, anchovy gremolata (chopped herb condiment typically made of lemon zest, garlic, and parsley) and brown sauce mayonnaise. The beef is succulent, tender and simply bursting with flavour. 

Almond croquant tower

The almond croquant tower with creamy white chocolate and raspberry marshmallow cream provided a sweet finale to the lovely meal.

Dining at Stellar at 1-Altitude is a dazzling affair. It enraptures your senses, titillates 

your taste buds and gets you in the mood for love.

The restaurant  is open from 11.30am to 2.30pm on Mondays to Fridays and from 6pm to 12am on Mondays to Sundays.

For reservations, call 6438 0410 or email 


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