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Food Lovers Only (Flo) Introduces K-FLO Dishes


With Abby and Chef Kim Jin Myeong

Located at IMM, Food Lovers Only (Flo) is a casual, halal certified café founded by singer, actress and host, Candyce Toh. With a capacity of 36, it is perfect for an intimate dinner with your pals or loved ones. Drawing inspiration from its sister restaurant, Café Manuka, Flo specialises in Korean and Western cuisine with an innovative twist. The café, which is helmed by bubbly Chef,  Kim Jin Myeong has just launched creative K-FLO dishes which are a hit with many diners.


Flo’s Rosti Special with Scrambled Eggs


During my recent trip back in Singapore, I was invited to try some of these tantalising and unique creations. One of the best sellers is the Flo’s Rosti Special with Scrambled Eggs ($16.90). Pan-fried to the right degree of crispness, the rosti was accompanied with salad, specially marinated chicken slices, sour cream and chives dip. The combination of diverse flavours and textures brought a burst of delight to my taste buds.


Kimchi pancake


The kimchi pancake ($14.90) is also one of my favourites. Prepared with kimchi, onion, corn and chives, it is palatable with a mix of tangy and savoury flavours. Served with soy dressing and salad, the pancake is substantial enough for a meal! 


Bulgogi rice 


For those with an inclination for bulgogi beef, I would recommend the bulgogi rice ($16.90) or the bulgogi pasta ($16.90). Bulgogi is one of Korea’s most popular beef dishes prepared with a prime cut of beef and marinated in an interesting mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, garlic, onions, ginger and sugar. Flo’s version consists of succulent beef served with rice, sautéed onion, scrambled egg and onion mayo sauce. The rice fully absorbs the gravy, making every mouthful a gratifying one. 


Bulgogi pasta


The bulgogi pasta is another superb creation, blending the flavours of the East and West. I like Flo’s special soy sauce which complements the pasta, beef and sautéed onions perfectly. 


Korean marinated chicken served with kimchi rice

The Korean marinated chicken served with kimchi rice ($17) was also very satisfying. Anchovies were added to the rice to enhance the flavour and give it a crunchy texture. The chicken was tender and flavourful too. 


Chicken salad bibimbap


Another winning dish is the chicken salad bibimbap ($15.90) served with marinated chicken slices, rice, salad, onion, tomato cubes and Flo’s homemade hot bean sauce. The refreshing salad and marinated chicken slices neutralised the spiciness of the sauce. A fantastic dish for bibimbap lovers!


Review of the Sweet Divine waffles


Enjoying Sweet Divine waffles


For a sweet finale, tempt your palate with mouth-watering desserts. The sweet divine ($15) is a popular choice comprising freshly baked waffles with  mini marshmallows, bean ice cream, maple syrup and chocolate sauce. For a richer and more intense flavour, add some Horlicks sauce. This sensational dessert is a must-have for anyone with a sweet tooth!


With my family


Overall, Flo offers a lovely dining experience for anyone who loves Korean fusion cuisine in a comfortable setting.  It is located at IMM, 2 Jurong East, Street 21, #02-15A, Singapore 609601. The café is open from 11am to 10pm daily.


For enquiries, please call 6896 1396. For more information, please visit here


Thanks Agnes and Abby once again for the invite.


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