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Exquisite Japanese-Italian Cuisine at Monte Risaia

With Head Chef, Taizo Yamada

Launched about three months ago, Monte Risaia is a contemporary Japanese-Italian restaurant along Duxton Road. A dining experience at Monte Riasia is a sublime one where taste, presentation, service combine seamlessly to provide a feast for the senses.

Chef Yamada at work

Helmed by Chef Taizo Yamada, the restaurant focuses on exquisite Italian cuisine accentuated with Japanese ingredients and executed with passion, flair and finesse. Monte Risaia marks Chef Yamada’s first culinary experience in Singapore and the restaurant pays homage to his background in Japanese-Italian cuisine. Every ingredient is handpicked by Chef Yamada who takes pride in sourcing for the freshest and finest products for his cooking.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and step into a haven where tradition meets modernity, where food is meticulously prepared and artfully assembled. At the counter, witness Chef Yamada transforming simple ingredients into elegant masterpieces.

Operations Manager, Patrick Jonathan crafting cocktails

You can also look forward to cocktails dexterously crafted by Operations Manager, Patrick Jonathan Lopez. The signature Coconut Martini is refreshing and the best part is that you can savour the martini infused coconut slices.

Signature Coconut Martini

Diners can select the 3-course set dinner priced at S$68++ (includes starter, appetiser, pasta) or the 4-course set dinner priced at S$98++ (includes starter, appetiser, pasta and carne).

Signature Uni Pudding

My epicurean journey started with the Signature Uni Pudding which is luscious, rich and creamy and absolutely bursting with umami flavours. The ikura adds an interesting texture and refined touch to the pudding.

Antipasto Misto

The Antipasto Misto is an ambrosial medley of appetisers featuring Japanese and Italian ingredients. Treat your senses to a theatrical performance as Chef Yamada and his team assembles the different elements together.

The Antipasto Misto includes:

Prosciutto di Parma with Strawberry

Sakoshi Bay Oysters with Ikura

Prawn Arrabbiata

Seabream with Parsley, Vinaigrette, Pink Pepper and Shallots

Gnocchi stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese accompanied with Gorgonzola Sauce

All the different ingredients merge together to present a symphony of the senses, titillating my taste buds and making my experience a dazzling one.

Signature “Shisho & Omaru Dashi” Pasta

The Signature “Shisho & Omaru Dashi” Pasta is al dente is cooked in a lobster broth and topped with crabmeat and tangy tomato sauce. The addition of the shiso (Japanese perilla normally used as a garnish for sashimi) adds sweetness and a unique twist to the quintessential seafood pasta.

Aging Akagi Wagyu Ichibo

For the carne, or meat dish, you can choose from a selection of four different mains including Maple Leaf Duck from USA, Lamb Chop from Australia, Iberico Pork from Spain and Aging Akagi Wagyu Ichibo from Japan (wagyu requires a top up of S$20++). I tried the wagyu which is succulent and cooked to the right consistency, making my taste buds tingle with bliss.

Homemade Tiramisu Cream with Coffee Ice Cream

For those who want to extend the gastronomic voyage further can order the dessert, which requires a top up of S$12++. I had the pleasure of trying the Homemade Tiramisu with Coffee Ice Cream accompanied with pineapple sorbet and pistachio macaron. This delightful dessert offers a sweet harmony of various flavours, ending my meal on a sweet note.

Monte Risaia also has a side menu with side dishes such as Cheese Platter (S$18++), Cold Cut Platter (S$20++), Burrata Cheese (S$24 per 100 gram) and more.

Overall, the restaurant offers an exclusive setting for an exquisite Japanese-Italian dinner. You can be assured of quality and freshness of ingredients as they are sourced by Chef Yamada daily.

Monte Risaia is located at 59 Duxton Road, Singapore 089523. The restaurant is open from 6pm to 12 am on Mondays to Saturdays. For reservations, please call 6970 0067.


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