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Enjoy Cantonese comfort food and dim sum at Tung Lok Teahouse


Traditional classic Cantonese cuisine 

Tucked in a quiet corner at Far East Square, Tung Lok Teahouse is the place to go if you are looking for delectable dim sum and Cantonese comfort food. Reminiscent of an old teahouse in Singapore between the 1950s and 1970s, Tung Lok Tea House exudes a feeling of nostalgia and old school charm the minute you step into it.


The interior

The most unique aspect of the teahouse is that it offers an experiential dining experience amidst the Peranakan-styled wooden furniture and traditional setting. Pictures of famed movie stars in the 1950s and 1960s and colonial day Singapore adorn the walls. As you immerse yourself in the cosy ambience of the teahouse, you'll also be entertained by soft, soothing Chinese oldies.

Tung Lok Teahouse specialises in classic Cantonese cuisine and exquisite dim sum prepared à la minute, steamed to order. These popular favourites are superbly crafted with the culinary team’s innovation and creativity while retaining the flavours of yesteryears. The teahouse also offers a selection of tasty Teochew dishes to tease the taste buds of those who are inclined towards Teochew cuisine.


Double-boiled soup with sea whelk and Chinese tonics

For a start, nourish your body with the signature double-boiled soup with sea whelk and Chinese tonics. This soup is one of the most flavourful Cantonese soups I've ever  had and is double-boiled with sea whelk, chicken, pork, huai shan (Chinese yam) and gei zi (Chinese wolfberries). Sea whelk is a kind of sea snail and is believed to contain potassium, calcium and omega 3. 


Steamed giant garoupa with black fungus and garlic

The deep-sea giant garoupa (38kg) is one of the hot favourites with the diners. It consists of giant garoupa belly braised with roast pork and garlic and steamed giant garoupa with black fungus and garlic. We had the steamed option as it was light and delicious and the combination of black fungus and garlic was simply awesome.


Spicy chicken with fish maw

For those who like a little spice in their food, will be dazzled by the spicy chicken with fish maw. The chicken is tender and cooked in a claypot with dried chilli. It is well seasoned and not overly spicy. The gentle hints of chilli, chicken and fish maw blend perfectly, making every mouthful delightful and gratifying.


Deep-fried prawn rolls

Those who crave for Teochew cuisine can opt for the deep-fried prawn rolls, which is fried to a beautiful golden brown. The exterior is crispy and is a lovely contrast to the delicious interior of prawns and pork.


Soya duck meat

Another noteworthy item from the Teochew selection is the soya duck meat which is slowly braised in earthy aromatic spices till it is tender and fragrant. The duck meat is accompanied with braised soya beancurd which is so soft that it melted instantly in my mouth.


Steamed bun with wild mushroom in abalone sauce and nourishing red dates cake

For the dim sum, you must not miss the steamed bun with wild mushroom in abalone sauce. The buns are made into shapes of the mushrooms and resemble shiitake mushrooms. They are stuffed with wild mushrooms seasoned with abalone sauce and lightly accented with truffles. The Tung Lok culinary team took about six months in research and development to develop these mouth-watering buns.


Chilled snow lotus pudding with ice-cream served in a young coconut 

The desserts are equally mesmerising. I love the chilled snow lotus pudding with ice-cream served in a young coconut and the nourishing red dates cake. The former consists of diced mango, coupled with vanilla ice cream and snow lotus pudding. For the complete experience, scrape the coconut flesh from the shell. Cool and refreshing, this dessert is perfect for our humid climate. The latter is a dessert made of red dates. Red dates are believed to nourish the blood and improve circulation which leads to a better liver and digestive function. 


Chilled mango cream with pomelo and sago

For a light finale, refresh your palate with the chilled mango cream with pomelo and sago – a revitalising dessert which is cool and creamy with a light tint of tartness and a pretty golden hue.


Specially concocted rejuvenating juice

The amicable restaurant team also surprised us with a specially concocted juice of dragon fruit, pineapple and lemon, ending our gastronomic experience on a sweet note.


The entrance

Tung Lok Teahouse is the ideal haven to catch up with friends and enjoy a hearty dim sum lunch or a classic Cantonese dinner.

It is located at 9/13 Amoy Street, #01-01 Singapore 049949.

For reservations, please call 6877 1123.


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