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Cajun on Wheels (C.O.W) Launches New Outlet at Plaza Singapura with New Additions to the Menu


Tucking into a glorious seafood feast

Following the success of its first outlet at Pasarbella at Suntec City, Louisiana-style seafood ‘Cajun on Wheels’ (C.O.W) has just launched another another outlet at Plaza Singapura. This new outlet boasts exciting new additions, tempting even the most discerning of palates. What I really like is the wide range of sauces offered to accompany the seafood including chilli egg, Thai red curry, sambal tumis, salted egg yolk, cajun cheese, cheesy cream and cajun herb and butter. C.O.W is also the place to go to where you don't can feast to your heart's content without worrying about your dining etiquette. The seafood is served in buckets and you can simply pour them onto a plastic waterproof sheet, mix them with the various sauces and dig in. 


The Nice Platter

One of my favourites is The Nice Platter ($39.90) which features succulent fresh Hokkaido scallops, tasty sea bass, tiger prawns and a choice of pilaf rice or aglio olio pasta. A healthy and substantial meal for one or two diners.


Mussel stew

Those who have a soft spot for mussels must go for the mussels stew ($21.90, serves 2) which is a rich, robust stew prepared using fresh tomatoes and mussels. The flavourful sauce complements the savoury mussels very well, satiating the taste buds of mussel lovers. 


Crusty C.OW Burger

Burgers are always a hot favourite with many diners. The Crusty C.O.W Burger ($39.90) is finger linking good. It consists of juicy, tasty patty made with 100% premium beef topped with freshly grilled lobster. The tender, luscious patty combined with the sweet, oceanic taste of the lobster brings delight to every bite.


Oh Lobster

If you are in the mood for a crustacean indulgence, try the Oh Lobster ($59) accompanied with potatoes, corn and chicken spam. We chose Cajun herb and butter sauce to go with the lobsters. A dynamic blend of spicy, vibrant and soulful flavours, this delightful sauce is a lovely accompaniment to the lobsters.

For a crab-a-licious feast, opt for the Oh Crab ($59 for 600grams, $69 for 800 grams, serves 1 to 2) which features delectable Sri Lankan crabs served with corn, potatoes and chicken spam. Titillate your taste buds by having the crabs with spicy sambal tumis. 


Olympian bucket 

If you want a bit of everything, I would recommend the Olympian bucket (serves 3 to 4 - $159) which consists of Scottish dungeon crab, Sri Lankan crab, mussels, white clams, mussels , prawn, sweet corn, potato and chicken spam.


Fried squid

For the side dishes, you can try the fried squid (original at $8.50, with salted egg yolk at $10.50) or fried mushrooms ($4.90) deep-fried to golden perfection. The fried squid hits the right notes and balances the palate after buckets full of seafood while the delicious fried mushrooms impress with  its delicate taste and light batter. 


Seafood indulgence at C.O.W


The entrance

Cajun on Wheels (C.O.W) is located at 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura (New Extension), Singapore 238839. It is open from 11am to 10pm daily. For more information, visit their facebook page here


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