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Best Korean Barbecue Restaurant Ju Shin Jung in The East

Tucking into the appetisers

Ju Shin Jung East Korean Charcoal BBQ is a restaurant that is close to my heart. It is probably one of the first few restaurants I fell in love with. The restaurant is ideally located along East Coast Park, above Burger King and beside Long Beach Seafood and Waraku Japanese Restaurant. Eating Korean food instantly transports me to Korea – Land of Kimchi, Kpop and K Dramas.

Stepping into Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant is akin to stepping into a traditional Korean home. The restaurant is very spacious and airy, however, it still feels cosy. Service is efficient and the waitresses are polite, making one feel at home.

 Korean appetisers

For a refreshing start, go for the extensive ensemble of delightful appetisers such as kimchi, anchovies, tofu with chilli paste, beansprouts, mini pancake, boiled egg, marinated radish, mashed potato, marinated spinach with sesame and more. All tasted excellent and the portions were substantial enough for a main meal.

Spicy seafood tofu soup

For the soup, my all-time favourite is the hearty, spicy seafood tofu soup that infuses custardy tofu with complex flavours, textures and spices. It is flavourful dish that goes extremely well with rice. Whenever I order this, I end up consuming extra portions of rice.

Korean pancake with spring onion

The classic Korean pancake is something that you must not miss when you are in a Korean restaurant. The ingredients are very simple, just spring onions, red pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil. It is fried till it it fragrant. For those who like a bit of tang, you can go for the other popular favourite - kimchi pancake. It is satisfying and tastes good as a snack or a main meal.

Grilled mackerel

One can never go wrong with grilled mackerel. It is one of the most common fishes in Korea and it contains a great source of nutrients such as Omega 3, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The mackerel is grilled till it is golden brown and the skin is light and crispy.

Barbecued meats

Satiate your inner gourmand with the restaurant’s selection of hearty meats such as sliced beef, marinated chicken, pork collar and pork belly. My favourite is the sliced beef which is succulent and juicy.

Heart-shaped watermelon

We concluded our delightful Korean with heart-shaped watermelon and refreshing tea. Ju Shin Jung Korean barbecue restaurant offers understated but delicious fare. The restaurant is family friendly, making it the ideal venue for gatherings with your loved ones. It is also a great place to pig out and satisfy your craving for barbecue meats and traditional delights.

With my good friend, Isabel. This picture was taken a few years ago during my first few visits.

Ku Shin Kung Korean restaurant is located at 1018 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449877.

For reservations, please call 64479279.

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