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Auspicious Creations at Gu Ma Jia

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Lunar New Year is approaching and it is time to plan a reunion dinner with your family and loved ones or an office gathering with colleagues. To herald the Year of the Boar, Gu Ma Jia has crafted several auspicious menus and à la carte dishes. At Gu Ma Jia, you can be assured that the delectable creations are prepared using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, reinforcing the fact that that the restaurant offers quality, home-cooked food devoid of MSG and artificial seasoning.

Founder, Chan Mei Yan who is affectionately known as Gu Ma (Aunt) has an avid interest in cooking. She started Gu Ma Jia about a decade ago offering Chinese comfort food, using original recipes from her grandmother.

CNY 2019, Year of the Boar, Prosperity Yu Sheng
Prosperity Yu Sheng with Gui Fei Abalone

Toss to good health, happiness, success and wealth with the Prosperity Yu Sheng with Gui Fei Abalone (S $40.8, L S$50.80). The ingredients were well assembled and every mouthful was satisfying.

Special CNY Lobster Cold Platter

Titillate your senses with the Special CNY Lobster Cold Platter (S$138), a stunning creation using fresh, premium lobster with a sensational platter of delectable accompaniments such as Smoked Duck, Pacific Clams with Mixed Sauce and Gu Ma Jia’s Signature Beancurd. This winning dish showcased the culinary team’s skill and creativity, providing a harmony of delectable textures, flavours and colours.

Chinese cuisine, Fish, CNY 2019, Year of the Boar
Sweet and Sour Grouper with Lychees

Another dish which hit the right notes for me was the Sweet and Sour Grouper with Lychee (market rate). The fish was deep-fried to perfection, resulting in the crispy exterior and soft and tender interior. The contrast of the textures, coupled with the zesty sweet and sour flavours and refreshing taste of the lychees made the dish intriguing and palatable at the same time.

Chinese cuisine, pork ribs, Year of the Boar, CNY 2019
Flaming Kyoto Pork Ribs

The Flaming Kyoto Pork Ribs (S$20) was tastefully presented on top of a flaming hot pan. When the flames subsided, the glistening pork ribs were unveiled. I love the succulent texture and the robust, lingering flavour.

Assam Fish Head Curry

Gu Ma Jia’s award-winning Assam Fish Head Curry (S$30) is not to be missed. The red snapper fish head, handpicked from the market daily was pristinely fresh. Dexterously executed, the flesh was firm and tender at the same. Comprising more than 13 herbs and spices, flavours were well balanced and perfectly harmonised. Full of body and texture, you won’t find a trace of coconut milk in the gravy. The overall spiciness was also toned down to cater to the palates of the average Singaporean.

Kai Lan Yuan Yang

I enjoyed the Kai Lan Yuan Yang (S$24) too. Featuring Kai Lan cooked in two styles, blanched and fried, this is the best option for those who want the best of both worlds. The leaves were deep-fried to perfection while the stems were blanched. It is a very interesting dish that will appeal even to those who dislike greens.

Claypot Wine Chicken with Ginger & Sesame Oil

The Claypot Wine Chicken with Ginger & Sesame Oil (S$15 M$22 L$30) was fragrant, nourishing and flavourful. Meticulously prepared with ginger and Hua Tiao Wine, it is comforting to the body and soul and makes for the perfect confinement food.

Double-boiled Beautifying Peach Gum with Red Dates

A good meal is never complete without desserts. For a sweet finale, pamper yourself with the Double-boiled Beautifying Peach Gum with Red Dates (S$32.80). Peach Gum is an edible resin from peach and it is also a natural and healthy food rich in amino acids and collagen, helping to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and promote firmer skin. It also cleanses the blood, boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol and balances the PH levels in our body. What I like about this nutritious dessert is that it is also low in sugar and preservative free.

The interior

During the CNY season, Gu Ma Jia has four Reunion Dinner sets to suit different budgets and taste buds. Prices start from S$398++ for five to six diners.

Overall, Gu Ma Jia is a popular restaurant for families as it serves tasty and nostalgic dishes in a homely environment. A million thanks to Ms Agnes Tay for the invite.

Gu Ma and Me

The restaurant is located at 45 Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 347 866. For reservations, please call +65 6285 2023. For more information, please visit here.


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