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Arteastiq unveils a new outlet at Plaza Singapura

Basking in the cosy ambience

Homegrown boutique tea house and social painting studio, Arteastiq has unveiled a new outlet at Plaza Singapura in late August this year. I missed the official launch on 20 August, therefore I decided to come for a tasting session last Friday to sample some of its new offerings. Since the opening of Arteastiq’s flagship outlet at Mandarin Gallery in 2010, it has captured the hearts and palates of tea connoisseurs and art enthusiasts in Singapore. Over the years, this elegant tea house has established a reputation for being a chic sanctuary for relaxation, social art jamming or a tête-à-tête with friends.

The interior

The new branch at Plaza Singapura is an oasis for relaxation, similar to its flagship outlet, allowing one to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The modern franco-chinois design with its black, white and gold colour theme is displayed prominently, exuding luxury, elegance and comfort at the same time.

The colourful plush sofas

When Arteastiq was just launched, I remembered it as a place that offers dainty pastries, savoury light bites and unique teas. However, when I spoke to one of the Directors, Karen Low, she mentioned that Arteastiq has revamped its menu early this year and will offer a more extensive range of lunch and dinner items. The diverse menu is a collaborative effort of three chefs, namely Chef Jason Vito, master in modern European cuisine and author of the Onaka Cookbook, Chef Benson Tong, Asian food specialist and celebrity guest judge on several MediaCorp cooking variety shows and Chef Jack Tan, Pan American foodologist and former Executive Chef of Brewerkz. These three chefs have travelled round the world to gain inspiration and garner cooking tips from the best recipes and have crafted an innovative menu which can’t be replicated anywhere else. The menu at Arteastiq is a delightful combination of the East and West and is divided into two segments – Ladies Affairs and Gentleman’s Dinner. This interesting menu is developed with the concept of creating different food for different genders.

Nordic lights- Soba Salad 

I commenced my meal with the Nordic lights- Soba Salad ($16). The salad was served in a pretty tortilla flour bowl and the presentation was tasteful. This is a perfect summer dish as the flavours are light and refreshing and the portion is substantial enough for a main meal. Packed with omega 3 and essential vitamins, it is a lovely combination of smoked salmon, greens, Japanese soba noodles and cherry tomatoes tossed in Asian vinaigrette and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

La Quesadilla

The La Quesadilla ($17) is one of the Chef’s Specials and is a corn tortilla generously filled with smoked turkey ham, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, roma tomato, fresh basil and homemade Thai mayo sauce. A twist from the traditional Mexican quesadilla, Arteastiq’s rendition uses basil which adds a distinctive sweet, minty and peppery flavour to it. The different flavours assimilate perfectly to create a combination that is so divine.

The Royal Princess-Salmon Wellington

Under the Ladies’ Affair, a must-try is the The Royal Princess-Salmon Wellington (for 2 - $38). The name itself is already so appealing, tempting one to try it. It consists of Atlantic salmon, mushroom and capers pâté enclosed beautifully in a pastry and is accompanied with asparagus salad and sautéed sweet potatoes. The pastry is light and buttery while the interior is juicy, moist and savoury. The sweet potatoes are wonderful accompaniments, giving  this dish a pleasant, balanced flavour.

Aphrodite – Crabcake Benedict

Another Chef’s Special is the Aphrodite – Crabcake Benedict ($25) which is a luxurious version of the traditional Egg Benedict. The toasted brioche is topped with Maryland crabcake, poached egg and enhanced with smoked paprika hollandaise. Every mouthful was satisfying and melted instantly in my mouth.

Silk Thread

The dessert (The Sweeter Sides of Love) section is very alluring. I had the Silk Thread and the Airy Fairy. The Silk Thread ($13) is crème brûlée, which is a dessert with a rich, soft, creamy custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard, sweet caramel. The hint of Osmanthus and the addition of fresh berries give this ubiquitous dessert an aromatic and invigorating flavour.

Airy Fairy

The Airy Fairy ($13) is a dessert that is not to be missed by die-hard chocoholics. True to its name, this mousse made with rich Valrhona chocolate is light, airy and fluffy and when combined with vanilla cream parfait, it just tastes heavenly.

Pear tea

Heighten your dining experience by pairing your desserts with Arteastiq's range of speciality teas such as pomelo, pear, mint lemon grass, sour plum and more ( $11 per pot).

Apart from enjoying the delectable cuisine, art aficionados can also let their creative juices flow and express themselves through painting at the art jam studio. That’s not all! You can also learn more about yourself as Master Artepretor Ethan Lim will be on hand to interpret your personality through your art pieces. You can also do your part to help the Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) as art jammers’ artwork will be retailed at $50. Upon successful sale of your art piece for charity, you will also get full refund for your art jamming session. 

With Founder of Arteastiq, Mr Ivan Teo, Director, Ms Karen Low and  Ms Agnes Tay

The entrance

The new Arteastiq outlet is located at Plaza Singapura, #03-70/72, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839. It is open from 10am to 10pm daily. 

For reservations, please call 6336 0951. For enquiries and reservations for Social Painting, please call 6336 0952. 

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